We offer educational and career advising for all students in the School of Public Health. We are committed to the educational success of our students during their time at the University.

Academic advisors work hard to teach, empower and foster close relationships with students. Advisors assist students with understanding degree requirements and course progression. Students and advisors work together to develop academic plans that are efficient and lead to a timely graduation.

Jamie Tu headshot

Jamie Tu

Advisor for: Last names A-B
(775) 682-7521
OB 107

Jen Laslo headshot

Jen Laslo

Advisor for: Last names C
(775) 682-7499
OB 107

Bayley Heintz

Bayley Heintz

Advisor for: Last names D-Go
(775) 682-7748
OB 107

Julia Wymer

Julia Wymer

Advisor for: Last names Gp-L
OB 107

Anthony Terrell headshot

Anthony Terrell

Advisor for: Last names M-Ph
(775) 682-7501
OB 107

Traves Butterworth headshot

Traves Butterworth

Advisor for: Last names Pi-Sj
(775) 682-7422
OB 107

Selene Rangel

Selene Rangel

Advisor for: Last names Sk-Z
(775) 682-7513
OB 107

Janita Ethridge headshot

Janita Ethridge

Director, Advising, Recruitment and Retention
(775) 682-7415
OB 107

Advising tips

  • Students who are declared in a Public Health major should meet with an academic advisor each semester. Health Sciences freshman, transfer students and students on academic probation will have mandatory advising holds.
  • Make an appointment with your academic advisor before your registration date. Class schedules are available in October for the spring semester and in March for the fall semester.
  • Go to your advising appointment prepared. Make sure you have reviewed the course schedule in MyNEVADA and have selected courses in your shopping cart.
  • Prepare a list of questions for your advisor. This will help ensure that you have all the answers you need when you leave.