Centers and community programs

The School of Public Health supports several centers and programs that participate in training, technical assistance, evaluation, research and other community services.

Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies

CASAT's mission is to provide training, technical assistance, evaluation, research, and other services to support prevention, treatment and recovery in the alcohol and other drugs field. CASAT strives to improve substance abuse prevention and treatment services by helping states, organizations, agencies, and individuals apply evidence-based practices in the field.

Community Behavioral Health Collaborative

The Community Behavioral Health Collaborative works to increase access to clinical/therapeutic mental health services and stimulate an increase in the number of qualified clinical mental health professionals, especially at the masters and doctoral levels.

Dementia Engagement, Education and Research (DEER) Program

The Dementia Engagement, Education and Research (DEER) Program directly engages persons living with dementia, family and professional care partners in all research and education activities. The DEER Program initiatives aim to leverage partnerships and collaborations in an effort to improve the culture of dementia and dementia care practices in Nevada and around the world.

Nevada Center for Surveys Evaluation and Statistics

The Nevada Center for Surveys, Evaluation, and Statistics (CSES) handles data requests including survey data collection, program evaluation and statistical analysis.

The Larson Institute for Health Impact and Equity

The Larson Institute’s mission is to foster community-engaged research, training, capacity building, and workforce development initiatives that measure impact and elevate the health status of diverse populations.

Neuromechanics Lab

The Neuromechanics Lab researches neurological disorders, specifically sport-related concussion and how human motion is influenced following diagnosis or injury.