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What will I learn in an agricultural economics program?

This dual degree program will allow students to combine a passion for providing for the world through agriculture with a powerful understanding of markets, trade, statistics, and solutions to resource allocation problems. The combination of degrees in agriculture and economics will prepare a graduate to positively impact the world in the public and private sector in fields relating agriculture and economics. Those students who wish to continue their education in graduate school in the domain of agricultural economics will be well prepared to do so. Collaboration between the College of Business and the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology, and Natural Resources allows students the unique ability to obtain both a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics within a four-year track.

Employers tell us about their workforce development needs, and how important experiential education is. All our incoming students are now required to have a structured internship, independent research, entrepreneurial activity, or education abroad experience before they graduate. This exposure to real-world business has given our students a wonderful head-start in the workplace and an appreciation for the applied aspects of research for those who choose to continue in an academic career.

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In the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources, you'll receive valuable hands-on experience that prepares you for a successful career in high-demand industries.  With four departments and nearly 200 courses in agriculture, veterinary and rangeland sciences; biochemistry and molecular biology; natural resources and environmental science; and nutrition, we're ready to help you grow your future.

Careers with a degree in agricultural economics

Career paths

The agricultural economics degree plan emphasizes quantitative studies including calculus and statistical methods and prepares students for graduate study in agricultural economics or related fields, or for a variety of employment opportunities.

  • Agricultural economist
  • Data analyst
  • International trade analyst
  • Public policy analyst
  • Risk management specialist
  • Statistician

Real-world experience

Agricultural economics students thrive on solving challenging, real-world problems. Advanced training in mathematics, statistics and economics allows for a smooth transition into graduate studies. Students are prepared to focus on applied research topics including trade, marketing, policy and other critical areas.

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