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How much does it cost? 

Learn more about how to afford a degree from the University of Nevada, Reno.

How long does it take?

This 125 credit program is designed to be completed in four years.

How do I apply?

Open to all undergraduate students. Learn how to apply to the University of Nevada, Reno.

What will I learn in an environmental engineering degree program?

Our program emphasizes multidisciplinary approaches to equip students with the fundamental knowledge of engineering and science principles that are used to address emerging environmental issues such as sustainable air, water, and land resources; human health; and environmental restoration.

Graduates are trained to be problem solvers who will develop novel solutions to meet the complex challenges of urban development, pollution minimization, and improving an aging water treatment and supply network.

Undergraduate research

Undergraduate environmental engineering students perform research that will help communities have access to safe and reliable sources of drinking water by removing pollutants and developing more efficient and sustainable methods for its distribution. 

What do environmental engineers earn?

The median starting salary for environmental engineers is $65,500.

Senior capstone project

In the College of Engineering, hands-on learning starts on day one. The first engineering class, Engineering 100, will challenge you to work in teams to design a hovercraft capable of traversing across a pre-set course. And in your final class before you graduate, you will work in a team to develop a product that’s ready for the marketplace. Your senior capstone project will be presented to potential employers at the annual Innovation Day. In between, you’ll gain hands-on experience in classrooms and research laboratories, putting your science and mathematical knowledge to work solving engineering problems.

Learn more about the civil and environmental engineering department

For over 120 years, our research programs and institutes have helped Nevada design safe and sustainable communities. 

Specializations in the environmental engineering program

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Median starting salaries of $58,318

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