Space & Graphic Services

Space & Graphic Services is responsible for all aspects of university space information and analytics including:

  • Space inventory management and reporting
  • Space utilization analysis
  • Building auditing and department space surveying
  • Facilities Resource Committee support
  • Campus signage standards
  • Building floor plans
  • Computer-aided drafting
  • Campus/utility mapping
  • Graphic analytics
  • Construction document control
  • Department communications
  • Classroom furniture layouts

Facilities Resource Committee (FRC)

The FRC reviews requests for changes in classification, assignment, use or configuration of space; common area signage; renovation projects with costs in excess of $100,000 and new purchases of motorized vehicles on campus. View their page to see upcoming meetings and how to get on their agenda. View their page for more information and to submit a request.
Facilities Resource Committee

Space management

Students in PSAC

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (MyNEVADA) is the official system of record for building and room assignments. The University follows space classification guidelines set forth by the National Center for Education Statistics’ 2006 Postsecondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual (FICM).

Floor plans, maps and utility data

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