Working with the University as a consultant

There are two front doors to doing business with the University as a construction-related consultant:

  1. Current RFQs. This pages lists current solicitations for the Business Center North Purchasing Department (BCN Purchasing). This department oversees the Request for Qualifications process on University design/engineering work valued at over $100K.
  2. Consultants pre-qualification questionnaire. To get put onto the "as needed" list for consultant jobs valued under $100K, please submit this form. These contracts are awarded by the Planning & Construction department based on qualifications.

Basic requirements

For the University to be able to do business with an architect or engineer, that person must possess a Nevada-state license in good standing (through the Nevada State Board of Architects or the Nevada Board of Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors). Additionally, the work must be performed under a valid business license (Nevada or out-of-state). Please be prepared to show proof of your business license and Nevada State professional license. For out-of-state firms, the principal architect or engineer on any work with the University must possess a Nevada state professional license appropriate for the work performed.

Design & construction standards

All work at the University must conform to our standards. These are updated on an annual basis and are incorporated into every construction project's contracts.

Fee proposal instructions

If you have completed the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire and are selected as the most qualified firm to complete a consultant job, you will receive a request for fee proposal. For a proposal to be considered and accepted, there are items that must be included, and items that may not. Please see this document for an outline of what we require in proposals.

Insurance requirements

This is a quick guide list of what insurance is required to perform professional services work with the University. All consultants must carry the required insurance.

Supplier and payment registration systems (SREG)

The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) has implemented a Supplier Registration System (SReg). This system allows suppliers to register and manage their business information online through their secure account.

Sample contract documents

For consultant work, we use a Pre-Design Agreement or a Professional Services Agreement, depending on the nature of the job. To review samples of these agreements, please contact us at