University projects under construction


Gateway Parking Complex

Artist's aerial-view sketch of the multi-story College of Business building
Artist rendering for Gateway Parking Complex

Construction of a seven-story parking complex located in the University Gateway is underway. The University issues more than 10,000 parking permits annually, with a current surplus of 1,300 permits. Projected student and faculty growth indicates that by year 2021, that number will drop to a surplus of 600 permits. The Gateway Parking Complex will add an additional 813 parking spots in a desirable location at the south end of campus.

This work is being performed by a Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) construction delivery method.

Project overview

  • Architects: Watry Design, Incorporated | CMAR: Clark & Sullivan Constructor, Inc.
  • Estimated total cost: $40.6 Million
  • Estimated square footage: 282,000
  • Construction start date: Spring 2021
  • Projected construction completion date: Winter 2022/2023
  • Project funding: Debt service for the complex will be paid with funds the University receives from parking permit sales