University projects under construction


Gateway Parking Complex

Artist's aerial-view sketch of the multi-story College of Business building
Artist rendering for Gateway Parking Complex

Construction of a seven-story parking complex located in the University Gateway is underway. The University issues more than 10,000 parking permits annually, with a current surplus of 1,300 permits. Projected student and faculty growth indicated that the number of surplus permits would drop to 600 by 2021. The Gateway Parking Complex will add an additional 811 parking spots in a desirable location at the south end of campus.

This work is being performed by a Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) construction delivery method.

Project overview

  • Architects: Watry Design, Incorporated | CMAR: Clark & Sullivan Constructor, Inc.
  • Estimated total cost: $40.6 Million
  • Estimated square footage: 282,000
  • Construction start date: Spring 2021
  • Projected construction completion date: Winter 2022/2023
  • Project funding: Debt service for the complex will be paid with funds the University receives from parking permit sales