Key and card access control

Report lost or stolen cards to FMS Service Center at 775-784-8020 or via email to Damaged, lost or stolen cards will be replaced for a fee.

Submit key or access request

Policy statement

This policy supports the University Administrative Manual 5,008: Keys and provides additional detail and guidance regulating the audit, issuance, transfer and return of all keys and access cards. It applies to all locking devices securing University facilities and those individuals authorized to use them with the exception of those managed by Residential Life, Housing and Food Services.

Exterior entrances for all buildings shall be locked outside of normal scheduled hours to maximize the security of the buildings, occupants, and building contents.


The purpose of this policy is to provide appropriate security for campus facilities to protect life, property, and research, and to facilitate the administration and control of keys and access cards.


  • Approving authority - Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs or their officially established designee. Designees can be established through a memorandum to the Senior Director of Facilities Maintenance Services.
  • Access Cards – A University identification card issued by the Wolf Card Office that also serves to access buildings with perimeter security.
  • Facilities Maintenance Services (FMS) Service Center - Central department where all requests for key services are sent for processing.
    • Phone: 784-8020
    • Location: Facilities Maintenance Services Receiving Warehouse, 250 B Twilight Street, Room 104
  • Fire & Life Safety (FLS) Lock Shop - The University entity responsible for all key and building access services.
    • Location: Near the Facilities Maintenance Services Receiving Warehouse, 250 B Twilight Street, Room 104
  • Key Holder - A person authorized by an Approving Authority and issued a key.
  • Perimeter Security – A security system that electronically locks and unlock doors per an established programmed schedule. During locked hours, an access card is used to gain building entry.
  • University of Nevada, Reno Police Services Department - The University entity responsible for accepting found keys and access cards.
    • Phone: 775-784-4013
    • Location: Fitzgerald Student Services Building

General information

  • University keys are the property of the State of Nevada.
  • Duplicating or replacing keys through an agency, company, or private business other than the FLS Lock Shop is PROHIBITED**. Should such a violation be discovered, the appropriate Vice President, Dean or Chair and UNR PD will be notified for appropriate action.

** The duplication or possession of any unauthorized University keys is a misdemeanor pursuant to NRS.205.080. In addition, it is illegal to duplicate the Medeco® KeyMark® key because of its patented design. To duplicate it, by whatever means, will result in a lawsuit initiated by Medeco against individuals and/or companies involved in the duplication.

  • Keys and perimeter access shall be issued only to individuals who have a verifiable need to lock or unlock buildings, interior doors, gates, or other controlled areas and have submitted a key request approved by their Approving Authority.
  • The department is responsible for assuring return and custodianship of keys. If, as a result of keys not returned, it is necessary to re-key a building or office, the cost becomes the responsibility of the department.
  • Return found University keys and access cards to Police Services. Lost or Stolen University keys and access cards must be immediately reported to the Approving Authority.

Roles and responsibilities

Key holder responsibilities

  • Once notified, pick up requested keys at the FMS Service Center with an University ID or government issued identification.
  • Never allow others into buildings or rooms after normal business hours, except for individual meetings within their assigned offices or public safety personnel during an emergency. Refer requests for building access to the responsible department leadership for approval.
  • Return keys to the FMS Service Center when terminating employment, transferring within the University, graduating, or leaving the University for any reason.

FLS Lock Shop responsibilities

  • Follow Facilities Standard Operating Procedure 081, which details process and methods for issuing and managing keys and cards.
  • Issue keys and provide hardware maintenance that typically includes trouble-shooting and repairing locking hardware, magnetic locks, sounders, request to exit devices, door contacts, fuse panels, relays and boards, wiring, power transfers, by-pass switches, readers, keypads, reader posts, and motorized gate controls.
  • Receive unidentified lost-and-found keys from Police Services to identify and identify potential security risks.
  • Maintain accurate records related to key issuance and the return.
  • Conduct risk assessments when any individual fails to return issued key(s) after vacating a space or termination of employment to determine whether rekeying doors and/or locks is required to restore security. Notify the Senior Director, Facilities Maintenance Services for consultation with Police Services when such a situation exists.

Approving authorities

  • Approving authorities have the responsibility for granting access to assigned buildings.
  • Receive identified lost-and-found keys and access cards from Police Services associated with their assigned buildings and ensure they are correctly returned to key holders.
  • Report lost keys for their assigned building to FLS Lock Shop and Police Services to address and eliminate any potential security breaches.

Requesting keys or access

  • Submit key or access requests at Key or access request.
  • Authorization for Keys or Access Cards – All employee and student key and access card requests are approved by the Approving Authority.
  • Access Card requests for the Mathewson IGT Knowledge Center require additional approval by the designated building liaison.
  • Contractor and Non-University Employee access cards or keys for contractors or other non-university employees are authorized by the Senior Director of Facilities Maintenance Services or Senior Director of Planning and Construction or their designee and are issued on a temporary basis as needed to conduct University business.

Annual audit and inventory

Approving authorities shall keep a list of approved key holders and conduct an audit of key holders and user access annually. Departments shall cooperate with FMS in key audits of department employees and shall be notified in advance when their key audit will be conducted. The key audit process is detailed in the UNR Facilities Standard Operating Procedures 081. 

Inadvertent lockouts

Individuals temporarily without keys or appropriate access credential should contact their Approving Authority for temporary access to their work area. FLS Lock Shop is not authorized to open rooms or buildings unless directed by the Approving Authority.

Key recovery

At the termination of employment or change in position, it is the responsibility of the department to recover the key(s) assigned to an individual. If during the annual audit, it is determined by the supervisor that access is no longer appropriate, the supervisor must recover the key at that time. Students must return keys to their supervisor or department designee prior to ending employment. Recovered keys should be returned to the FMS Service Center within five business days.


Violations of this policy may result in additional costs to the individual, department, or unit. Key fees and charges are detailed in the Facilities Standard Operating Procedure 081.


The Vice President of Business and Finance or his/her designee may grant exceptions to this policy or related procedures after a security risk assessment.