Planning and Construction Services directory


  • Bryan Heller Senior Director, Planning and Construction Services (775) 600-9556

Planning and Programming Services

  • Jordan DeWeerd Director, Planning and Programming Services (775) 682-7904
    • Jeff Current Campus Architect
    • Gina Dory Project Planning and Programming Manager
    • Phoebe Judge Sustainability Manager
    • Quinn Little Senior Project Manager, Interior Design

Design Services

  • Scott Brown Director, Design Services (775) 682-718
    • Felicia Nichols Project Manager
    • Ariel Lauzardo Project Manager
    • Chris Cox Senior Project Manager, Engineering Services
      • Brad Taylor Senior Electrical Engineer
      • Lynn Hampton Senior Mechanical Engineer
      • Jim Rothstein Mechanical Engineer
      • Joshua Hogan Project Manager

Construction Services

  • Cory Jennings Director, Construction Services (775) 682-7059
    • Bret English Senior Project Manager
    • Rodrigo Ferreira Senior Project Manager
    • Anthony Ducummon Project Manager
    • Cory Jares Project Manager
    • Cody Mates Project Manager
    • Chad Strawn Project Manager
    • Tyler Toulouse Project Manager

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Our office utilizes a ticket system to assist you. Simply submit a work request and we'll be in touch shortly! If you contact a Facilities employee directly for assistance, a ticket will still be required to ensure your request is authorized and assigned correctly – and that our valuable employees' workloads are fairly distributed.