Rates and fees for non-funded improvements, repairs and maintenance

Facilities Maintenance Services uses the Non-Funded O&M Recharge Account to recharge entities for work beyond centrally funded service levels or those not supported for Operations and Maintenance (O&M). Recharge for overtime labor (paid on state funds) and associated materials may occur where it has been identified as non-funded O&M. For example, perimeter security and new electric services.

Recharge rates for each trade/skill and recharge are calculated according to which skilled trade work is needed for the job. The recharge rate is based on the average hourly wage for each group plus fringe. Regular rates are shown versus overtime rates for comparison purposes only. Only overtime labor is charged as non-funded O&M. Below are the current fiscal year's regular and overtime rates.

FY 24 hourly recharge rates
Trade group Recharge rate Overtime recharge rate
Crafts $43.79 $46.16
Building services $33.42 $35.23
Grounds $41.69 $43.43
Utilities $50.56 $53.22
Custodial $33.25 $34.67