Recently completed campus construction projects


Building 058 Remediation and Renovation

Exterior of two-story red brick building surrounded by grass and a tree.
Exterior west face of Building 058

A project to remove radium contamination from Building 058, restoring it to a usable state, is now complete. The building consists of two stories and a basement and once housed Facilities Services administration. Building 058 is listed on the National Register of Historic Places under its original name, the Physical Plant, and is currently occupied by the School of Social Work. 

  • Architect: TSK Architects
  • Contractor: Gilbane
  • Total cost: $12.6 Million
  • Estimated square footage: 8,800
  • Construction completion date: Fall 2023
  • Project funding: Federal and University funds

Robert Cashell Fieldhouse Locker Room Renovation

Interior of locker room with rows of lockers and an area for couches, tables, counter and seating.
Interior of locker room displaying renovations such as seating, counters and and decor.

Locker room renovations for football, soccer, track, cross country, tennis, and golf teams at the Cashell Fieldhouse and former visitors’ locker room building are now complete. Renovations included the expansion of the football locker room, addition of an equipment storage room, creation of new women’s soccer, tennis, and golf locker rooms, and renovations to the track and cross country locker rooms.

  • Architect: HOK Architects Inc.
  • Contractor: K7 Construction Inc.
  • Total cost: $5.3 Million
  • Estimated square footage: 9,500
  • Construction completion date: Fall 2023

Main Chiller Plant Expansion

Main Chiller Plant
Photo of new chiller

Installation of a second chiller at the Utility Plant located northeast of the Historic Quad is now complete. This 1400-ton chiller expands the main campus chilled water capacity and provides redundancy to the south campus loop in preparation for the development of the University Gateway District at the south end of campus.

  • Engineer: Ainsworth Associates
  • Contractor: ACCO Engineered Systems, Inc.
  • Total cost: $4.7 Million
  • Construction completion date: Fall 2023
  • Project funding: Student fees, University funds, and State of Nevada funds

Gateway Parking Complex

Seven story brick parking complex connected to a beige bridge, surrounded by a blue sky and white snow on the ground.
Gateway Parking Complex

Construction of a seven-story parking complex located in the University Gateway was completed in January 2023, adding an additional 811 parking spots in a desirable location at the south end of campus.

Project overview

  • Architects: Watry Design, Incorporated | CMAR: Clark & Sullivan Constructor, Inc.
  • Total cost: $40.4 Million
  • Approximate square footage: 287,000
  • Construction start date: June 2021
  • Construction completion date: January 2023
  • Project funding: Debt service for the complex will be paid with funds the University receives from parking permit sales

William N. Pennington Engineering Building

Rendering of the Pennington Engineering building with two wings, one brick and the other gray with a more modern look, with a skywalk connecting both wingsWilliam N. Pennington Engineering rendering

The new William N. Pennington Engineering Building is comprised of research and teaching laboratories, graduate work stations, faculty offices, a clean room, food services, and a 210-student classroom. Each of the College of Engineering's five departments occupy space in the new building: Chemical and Materials Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

It joins the well-established engineering complex which includes Paul Laxalt Mineral Engineering, Paul Laxalt Mineral Research, Palmer Engineering, Scrugham Engineering and Mines, Harry Reid Engineering Laboratory and the Earthquake Engineering Laboratory. The two building halls are connected on the first, third and fourth floors, with the second floor providing exterior access from Evans Avenue down to a new plaza on the east side of Palmer Engineering.

Project overview

  • Completion date: August 2020
  • Square footage: 108,170
  • Architect: H+K Architects
  • Contractor: CORE Construction
  • Project cost: $91.6 Million (The State of Nevada provided $40.2 million for this project. The remaining $51.4 million was provided by the University of Nevada, Reno and from University donors.)