Working with the University as a contractor

There are multiple requirements in order to do business with the University, ranging from having a valid business license to carrying correct amounts of insurance. Learn more about working with the University below.

NOTE: If you are dealing with a facilities emergency on campus, please call (775) 784-8020.

Basic requirements for working with the University

Business and contractor's license

Contractors must possess both a business license in good standing (from Nevada or another state) and a valid contractor's license from the Nevada State Contractor's Board with the appropriate designation for the work.

Please be prepared to provide proof of all licensing required.

Apprenticeship Utilization Act

All contractors performing construction work for the University are responsible for complying with the 2019 Apprenticeship Utilization Act. The Act applies to any public work for which bids are opened on or after January 1, 2020 regardless of dollar value.

Bid information

Business Center North (BCN) manages the formal bidding process for all construction projects valued over $100,000 through the Nevada Government eMarketplace (NGEM). It is important to note BCN Purchasing does not accept hard copy responses to bids, RFPs or RFQs.

Design & construction standards

All work at the University must conform to our standards. These are updated on an annual basis and are incorporated into every construction project's contracts.

Insurance requirements

All contractors are required to carry insurance for any work conducted on campus. The construction value determines the specific insurance limits.

Sample contract documents

If you are performing construction work valued at over $25,000 with the University, you will be required to enter into a formal contract. If you would like to see a copy of a template, please just let us know.

Bonding requirements

On projects valued over $100,000, all contractors must provide performance and payment bonds or bid through BCN Purchasing via the Nevada Government eMarketPlace.

USA dig requirements

Any time you are preparing to dig on the University of Nevada property with machinery beyond a shovel, utilities are to be marked to prevent injury and damage to utilities. Learn more about dig requirements.

Supplier and payment registration systems (SREG)

The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) has implemented a Supplier Registration System (SReg). This system allows suppliers to register and manage their business information online through their secure account.

Prevailing wages

All University construction projects valued at over $100,000 are subject to the prevailing wage rules of NRS 338. Even if your contract is valued at less than this, your work may be subject to prevailing wages if it is in conjunction with other contracts on the same project.

All wages must be reported through the use of LCPtracker.

  • Contracts less than $1 million. For contracts less than $1 million, the University will invite the Contractor to report within the University's account (free of charge).
  • Contractors greater than $1 million. For contracts greater than $1 Million, the Contractor will be required to set up and host the project's prevailing wage reporting on their own paid account.

For prevailing wage questions, contact our administrator at