Accounting Services

Assistant Director: Chelsea Stufflebeam |

Accounting Services

Accounting Services provides fiscal and budgeting support for all of Facilities Services including; Facilities Maintenance Services, Parking & Transportation Services and Planning & Construction Services. Some of our functions include:

  • Processing purchase order requests for shops and construction projects
  • Processing invoices and receipts for payment
  • Receiving checks and processing deposits
  • Processing and tracking funding and expenses for construction projects
  • Campus utility payment processing and tracking

To contact Accounting staff or to submit vendor invoices, please send an email to

Project Administration

Project Administration provides various aspects of construction.

Some areas of focus are:

  • Contract management and administration
  • Bid document coordination with regulatory and administrative agencies
  • Project/payroll compliance for state and federal prevailing wages
  • Project/business analysis and reporting
  • e-Builder administration

To contact Project Administration staff for prevailing wage questions or other inquiries, send an email to