5,008: Keys

Revised: May 2016

1. Facilities Services is responsible for maintaining non-residential building hardware and systems for the campus.

2. An individual who is requesting hard keys, both external and internal, must complete an online key request form located at: http://www.unr.edu/facilities/maintenance. Completed forms are routed via email to an "authorized approver" from within the requestor's department.

3. Many buildings on campus are accessed by means of a card, which also functions as a university ID card, through a perimeter access system installed by Facilities Services. The online card key request form is located at: http://www.unr.edu/facilities/maintenance.

4. Keys and key cards will be referred to as keys. All key requests require written authorization by a division or department chair.

5. The division or department authorizing issuance shall keep a written record of all keys assigned to each individual.

6. The person to whom a key is issued shall have sole responsibility for the key. Lending of keys is prohibited.

7. The division or department authorizing the issuance of a key is responsible to see that the key is returned after the period of time or event for which is was requested.

8. Hard keys are state property; the unauthorized duplication of university keys is prohibited.

9. Lock changes and keys are charged to the requesting department. Departments will be charged for replacement keys and card keys.

10. The detailed policy and procedures for building access are located at: https://www.unr.edu/facilities/maintenance

11. Residential Life, Housing and Food Services is responsible for authorizing access to residence halls for faculty, staff, and students.

12. The Joe Crowley Student Union is responsible for authorizing access to the JCSU for faculty, staff, and students.