Academic support and self-help for ADHD

Mindfulness-based interventions have numerous benefits. Practices such as deep breathing, meditation, muscle relaxation and guided imagery have been shown to reduce restlessness, tension, distraction and wandering thoughts. Check out our self-help center and Virtual Relaxation Room for more information.

Tips and strategies for dealing with ADHD

On-campus resources

Transparency with professors about conditions that may hinder academic performance allows professors to work with you about how to succeed in the classroom. Below are additional campus-based resources you may want to consider.

Disability Resource Center

Meet with an advisor there to determine if accommodations are appropriate. Individualized recommendations, testing accommodations and assistive technology may improve chances to succeed.

Group therapy

Utilize group therapy, such as the In-Focus group, which talks about behavioral and cognitive strategies to improve academic success.

Student Health Center

If you have had an assessment and been diagnosed with ADHD, you can schedule an appointment with a physician to explore possible treatment options using medication. You will need to provide documentation of assessment and diagnosis.

Tutoring Center

Schedule tutoring for difficult subjects and learn ways to better understand the course material by interacting with fellow students.