Psychological testing

Counseling Services may administer a variety of tests and assessments as a part of psychological treatment.

ADHD and learning disability testing

Counseling Services offers comprehensive evaluations for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and learning disabilities. The primary goal of these evaluations is to assess whether a student meets diagnostic criteria for ADHD or a learning disability. The process involves completing an intake packet, clinical and background interview, as well as a number of standardized assessment measures. This multi-method approach will allow the clinician to determine whether criteria for ADHD, learning disability, and/or other disorders (e.g., anxiety, depression) is met.

In order to receive an evaluation, students are recommended to request a referral for an evaluation from the Disability Resource Center, or DRC, at (775) 784-6000, as Counseling Services works closely with DRC staff with our assessment services. Additionally, by contacting the DRC, students may learn that they are eligible for interim academic accommodations while they go through the assessment process. If a student is already receiving services through the DRC, then they can simply request a referral from their DRC counselor. Alternatively, students already in treatment at Counseling Services may request a referral for testing through their clinician.

After having received a referral from the DRC or a Counseling Services clinician, a student will be given an intake packet to complete. Once the completed packet is returned to Counseling Services, students will be added to an assessment waitlist. Given the high demand for these services, students should expect to wait several weeks before their first appointment. Also, after testing has been completed, a student should expect a wait before meeting with the clinician to discuss results and receive a copy of the final report. Please note that there is a $100 fee for evaluations.

Other types of evaluations, such as evaluation for autism spectrum disorder and neuropsychological assessment, are not currently offered at Counseling Services.

If you have any questions about our assessment services, please contact Counseling Services at (775) 784-4648.