Crisis services

Emergency support

In any emergency involving physical harm or a threat to a life, please call 911 (9-911 from a campus phone) or contact the University of Nevada, Reno Police Department Dispatch at (775) 334-2677 (COPS) immediately.

Are you or someone you know thinking of or planning to:

  • Are you planning to engage (or currently engaging) in harm to yourself or someone else that could require medical attention?
  • Are you thinking of or planning to take your own life?
  • Are you planning to report current or past abuse of a child (under 18), older adult (60+), or vulnerable adult (adult who can't care for themselves)?
  •  Are you thinking of or planning to engage in life-threatening behavior (such as drinking and driving, excessive drug use, excessive exercise, severe binging or purging or strict dietary restrictions that could lead to death)?
  •  Are you currently seeing or hearing things that other people can’t (e.g. hallucinations) that make you unable to function?
  •  Did you experience a sexual assault within the last 7 days? Report a current or past experience or knowledge of abuse to a child (younger than 18), older adult (65+) or vulnerable adult (adult who can’t care for themselves)?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, please request to be seen for a crisis appointment by contacting Counseling Services at (775) 784-4648, after hours number (775) 297-8315, or text/call 988.

Not in Crisis? Sometimes emotions are so overwhelming they take control of your mind and your body. If you need immediate self-help support, please access our panic attack and emotional distress toolkit.

Emergency phone numbers