Psychology internship expectations and responsibilities

The University of Nevada, Reno Psychology Doctoral Internship is a 2,000 hour experience, with the expectation of at least 500 hours of direct service activities. Interns gain experience through a wide range of activities, some of which will be negotiated individually by each trainee based on their interest areas and the needs of the center.

The doctoral internship in professional psychology includes these components: 

General schedule of activities and expectations

Below are sample tables of Direct and Indirect Service activities psychology interns might be expected to complete on a weekly basis during their internship. The maximum and minimum hours within each category and actual schedule may vary week to week. Interns generally will not work over 42 hours per week (this is why minimum and maximum hours do not equal 35-45.5 and 36-48.5 per week, respectively).

Total hours for psychology internships
Fall Hours Spring Hours
39 to 40.5 39 to 41.5

Direct Service

Sample Direct Service hours for psychology internship positions
Activity Fall Hours Spring Hours
Individual Therapy / Intake-initial consultations 9 to 12 11 to 14
Walk-in Consultation (aka Urgent Care) (Crisis Walk-ins) 1 1
Assessment 0 to 2 0 to 2
Outreach 0.5 0.5
Group Counseling 1 to 2 1 to 2
Supervision Provided n/a 1
Total Direct Service 12.5 to 17.5 15.5 to 21.5

Indirect Service

Sample Indirect Service hours for psychology internship positions
Activity Fall Hours Spring Hours
Indirect Service
Client Consultation Meeting 1 1
Staff Meeting 1 1
Group Counseling Debriefing Supervision 0.5 to 1 0.5 to 1
Supervision Received - Individual 3 3
Supervision Received - Assessment 1 1
Supervision Received - Group 2 2
Supervision Received - Sup of Sup --- 1.5
Training Seminar 2 2
Professional Development (dissertation, research) 2 2
Documentation, Phone/Emails, Preparation, Report Writing 11 to 15 9 to 13