Kognito is a free interactive simulation that teaches you how to help someone experiencing mental distress. Learn how you can make our campus a safe, supportive community that promotes mental wellbeing. Kognito is available to all University students, faculty and staff.

Learn more about Kognito. (YouTube video)

For students: 30-minute training

Students will learn how to recognize signs of mental distress in their friends, how to check-in with them and how to approach them about getting professional help when they need it.

For faculty and staff: 45-minute training

Faculty and staff will learn how to recognize the signs of mental distress in students and learn techniques for approaching them and referring them to Counseling Services, if needed.

Kognito will direct you to log in with your University NetID and password, then select either “student” or “faculty". Entering your Employee ID or Student ID is optional.

Access Kognito Training