Nick Huffman

Front Office Support


Nick is an administrative assistant for Counseling Services at UNR. For many, this means he is the first person they will encounter when they contact the CS front desk.

On top of ensuring that the Counseling Services office is safe, welcoming, well-organized and well-supplied for students and staff alike, Nick carries out an array of basic, practical duties crucial to connecting students with the people, resources and services they may need. This includes everything from scheduling appointments for students and protecting their private information, to advocating for student concerns at meetings and assisting them during emergencies.

Ultimately, the role Nick plays at Counseling Services stems from a deeply-rooted belief that to build a community of acceptance, support and learning around mental health and well-being is to contribute to the work of creating a more compassionate, more fair, more fulfilling way of life for oneself and others. When Nick is not at work, you can usually find him reading Cormac McCarthy, playing guitar, listening to podcasts, hiking, paddle boarding, watching scary movies or goofing off with friends and loved ones.