Julia Le Grande, M.A.

Doctoral Psychology Intern


Julia is a Doctoral Psychology intern from California Northstate University, where she holds a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology and is currently pursuing her PsyD. Prior to beginning her graduate school journey, Julia attended University of California, Davis, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences. Julia brings a wealth of experience from her diverse background, having worked in college counseling, community-based mental health, and private practice settings. In these roles, she has provided individual therapy and conducted psychological assessments for individuals coping with a wide range of mental health challenges.

Her expertise spans from helping patients navigate depression, anxiety,  life transitions, relational issues, enhancing sports performance, and managing severe mental illnesses. Julia's therapeutic approach is both eclectic and patient-centered, drawing from a range of psychotherapy theories, including psychodynamic, dialectical-behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy, tailored to each student's unique needs. She is deeply committed to meeting students where they are, fostering strong relationships, and collaborating with them to achieve their personal and academic aspirations. Outside of her professional pursuits, Julia enjoys a variety of hobbies, including hiking, weightlifting, sports, cooking, and cherishing moments with loved ones – including her beloved pet turtle, Sheldon.