Research topics and advisors


GAANN fellows will provide input in the selection of their faculty advisor, and work with that advisor to develop their research program. Potential faculty advisors are indicated below, along with some suggested general research topic areas. GAANN applicants are encouraged to reach out to one or more potential faculty advisors during the application process to discuss the research topics in more detail, understand the desired skills and qualifications, and determine if the faculty advisor would be a good fit.

Note that GAANN applicants are asked to list two to three faculty that they are interested in working with as part of the GAANN pre-screening application. Some research topics may be conducive to faculty co-advisors.

Ian Buckle
Ian Buckle
Foundation Professor

Research topics with Dr. Buckle

  • Next generation protective systems for buildings and bridges including seismic isolation and energy dissipation.
  • Nonlinear soil-structure interaction studies for massive structures with deep foundations using large-scale experiments and high-end numerical simulations.
  • Coastal resilience to inundation by tsunami and/or hurricane storm surge using large-scale experiments and high-end numerical simulations.
Hamed Ebrahimian
Hamed Ebrahimian
Assistant Professor

Research topics with Dr. Ebrahimian

  • Nonlinear structural system identification, structural health monitoring, and damage diagnosis
  • Bayesian filtering for the integration of computational models with data
  • Computer-vision techniques for structural sensing and monitoring
  • Nonlinear computational solid and structural mechanics, nonlinear mechanics of reinforced concrete
  • Wildfire simulation and probabilistic risk assessment
Elnaz Esmaeilzadeh Seylabi
Elnaz Esmaeilzadeh Seylabi
Assistant Professor

Research topics with Dr. Esmaeilzadeh Seylabi

  • Physics-based ground motion modeling
  • Seismic performance assessment of distributed lifelines and buried infrastructure
  • Development and validation of multi-fidelity tools for modeling soil-structure interaction problems
  • Data assimilation and uncertainty quantification for complex systems
David McCallen
David McCallen
Professor Director of the Center for Civil Engineering Earthquake Research

Research topics with Dr. McCallen

  • High performance computing for regional-scale evaluations of earthquake hazard and risk
  • Integrated, coupled geophysics/engineering simulations for studying the interaction between incident seismic waves and infrastructure systems
  • Computer simulations and the nonlinear earthquake response of soil-structure systems for performance-based evaluations and design
  • Innovative seismic sensors and mesh network data acquisition systems for near real-time earthquake damage assessment
  • Innovative manufacturing for civil engineering applications
Mohamed Moustafa
Mohamed Moustafa
Assistant Professor

Research topics with Dr. Moustafa

  • Real-time hybrid simulation and new testing techniques for multi-hazard performance based assessment
  • Structural applications of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC)
  • Applications of digital image correlation and video monitoring for infrastructure health monitoring and system identification
  • Accelerated bridge construction (ABC) with applications to seismic ABC connections and systems
Gokhan Pekcan
Gokhan Pekcan

Research topics with Dr. Pekcan

  • Earthquake protective systems
  • Structural control: Passive, semi-active and active
  • Structural/Infrastructure Health Monitoring; vibration-based, machine learning
  • Advanced experimental simulation
  • Seismic fragility of structural and nonstructural systems
Floriana Petrone
Floriana Petrone
Assistant Professor

Research topics with Dr. Petrone

  • Study of the correlation of building nonlinear dynamic response with near-field synthetic ground motion
  • Investigation of site-specific earthquake risk to critical infrastructure
  • Implementation of advanced deterministic simulations into a probabilistic framework to account for model and parameter uncertainties
  • Development and experimental testing of innovative techniques for structural damage assessment
Keri Ryan
Keri Ryan
Associate Professor
GAANN Project Director

Research topics with Dr. Ryan

  • Research that furthers the implementation of seismic isolation systems
  • Development of new low damage or seismic protective systems concepts
  • Characterization of both horizontal and vertical seismic demands in building components considering soil-structure interaction
  • Evaluation and mitigation of seismic-induced damage to nonstructural components and building contents