Meet our GAANN Fellows

  • GAANN Fellows Noah Nieman, Milana Cimesa, Sir Lathan Wynn, William Roser, and Md Kausar Alam Anik.
  • Assistant Professor Mohamed Moustafa, GAANN Ph.D. Fellows Milana Cimesa and William Roser with Professor Keri Ryan.
  • Associate Professor Frank Yang, GAANN Ph.D. Fellows Michael Lam and Kenny Hickenbottom with Professor Eric Marchand.
Woman standing outside wearing graduation cap and gown
Sustainability in asphalt paving drives latest GAANN scholar

Ph.D. candidate Julissa Larios Rodriquez set to join the University’s Graduate Assistance in Areas in National Need (GAANN) program this fall.

Noah Nieman
GAANN Fellow Noah Nieman

"I am pursuing a doctoral degree to deepen my knowledge in structural seismic design with the ultimate goal of sustainably mitigating damage and casualties in earthquake-prone areas."

Nicole Elias
GAANN Fellow Nicole Elias

"I am glad to be part of the GAANN fellowship program, which will allow me to participate in professional development activities and develop my teaching skills during the supervised teaching experience."

Md Kausar Alam Anik
GAANN Fellow Md Kausar Alam Anik

"Because earthquakes are unpredictable phenomena, we must exercise extreme caution while designing foundations in order to build a structure that is both safe and resilient."

Sir Lathan Wynn
GAANN Fellow Sir Lathan Wynn

"Another important goal that I have is to increase the representation of groups that have been historically underrepresented in higher education in hopes that the younger generations will be inspired to pursue higher education as well."

Allan Joseph Romero
GAANN Fellow Allan Joseph Romero

"Coming from a poor country, I have seen how higher education can make a difference in the lives of not only the person but also for the community to which he or she belongs."

Madeline Carine
GAANN Fellow Madeline Carine

"I’m interested in providing communities with predictive tools for virus monitoring to prevent and aid in future pandemics."

William Roser in front of Palmer Engineering
William Roser named fellow in the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program

The civil engineering doctoral student is also a GAANN Fellow focused on improving the earthquake-resiliency of structures to reduce their carbon footprint.

Socially distanced individuals in the Honor Court
GAANN welcomes first cohort of fellows for fall 2020

The Graduate Assistantship in Areas of National Need program in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering welcomed its first cohort this fall.

Milana Cimesa
GAANN Fellow Milana Cimesa

"My lifelong passion for innovation and creativity has driven me to move to a new continent in the pursuit of scientific knowledge that can be practically applied to address real-life problems."

Kenny HIckenbottom
GAANN Fellow Kenny Hickenbottom

"I want to look into how to make infrastructure more energy efficient, cost effective, and capable of recharging clean water for the environment and downstream use."

William Roser
GAANN Fellow William Roser

"Being invited to take part in the GAANN program was an opportunity I did not see coming, but I am glad that I have this chance to become a more capable engineer by deepening my knowledge of structural engineering."