Floriana Petrone

Assistant Professor
Floriana Petrone

Prospective graduate students

Prof. Petrone is currently looking for highly motivated graduate students to join her research group. Areas of research would include advanced numerical modeling of structural systems to couple with synthetic ground motions and uncertainty quantification in numerical modeling to gain knowledge on implications for optimal and risk-informed performance-based seismic design; experimental testing of innovative structural damage assessment techniques and development of system optimization methods. 

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Research interests

  • Analysis and advanced numerical modeling of reinforced concrete and composite structures
  • High-performance computing applied to civil engineering problems
  • Calibration methods and stochastic analysis for structural safety assessment
  • Structural damage assessment methods

Selected publications

Journal Papers

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Book chapters

  1. McCallen, D., Petrone, F., (2019) "An Optical Technique for Measuring Transient and Residual Interstory Drift as Seismic Structural Health Monitoring (S2HM) Observables", Seismic Structural Health Monitoring (S2HM). Springer, Netherlands.
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  1. EU Patent No.1255, May 2013, entitled "Self-supporting steel truss for mixed steel-concrete truss systems", Inventors: Marano G.C, Liotta, M., Petrone, F., Trentadue, F., Bufi, G., Ruggiero, N.,