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Student Recognition

COS Student Awards

Fall 2013 Dean's List

In order to make the College of Science Dean's List, a student must have completed at least 12 credits of graded coursework during the semester and have received a 3.75 semester GPA.

NOTE: Only the names of students who qualified for the Fall 2013 College of Science Dean's List AND have given directory release permission have been published on the College of Science (COS) website.

Last NameFirst NameDepartment
Abu-shami Tewfeek Biology
Adams Kimberly Biology
Ahmad Syed Biology
Aisa-Gonzalez Joey Biology
Aker Ricardo Biology
Alauria Rose Biology
Allen Ryan Biology
Andersen Cody Biology
Anderson Nina Biology
Aquino Rebekah Biology
Arebalos Monica Biology
Artis Tailer Biology
Azzam Alexander Biology
Bahrami Elham Biology
Beekun Sumayya Biology
Beltran Lyra Biology
Black Karen Biology
Brandon Megan Biology
Breslow Phillip Biology
Brothers Brittani Biology
Brown Alan Biology
Brown Shelby Biology
Brown William Biology
Buffolino Nicco Biology
Bumgardner Justin Biology
Caceres Alexandra Biology
Carlson Steven Biology
Carr Emily Biology
Carroll Riley Biology
Carter Laura Biology
Chan Westin Biology
Charles Adriana Biology
Chin Albert Biology
Chisholm Kimberly Biology
Choi Tess Biology
Clancy Morgan Biology
Cleary Kevin Biology
Cohen Lea Biology
Conlin Ashlyn Biology
Cushing Cody Biology
Denardo Angela Biology
Diggs Ryan Biology
Doan Tiffany Biology
Doan Lydia Biology
Dobrich Jordan Biology
Dover Sarah Biology
Doyle Gabriela Biology
Duhon Chase Biology
Duong Anthony Biology
Dwenger Bradie Biology
Ellis Jacob Biology
Enos Jake Biology
Estes Skylar Biology
Fischer Jaysen Biology
Flores Alex Biology
Franden Myrsady Biology
Gapuz Vicente Biology
Gates Courtney Biology
Gay Christopher Biology
Gomez Christopher Biology
Gonzalez Frank Biology
Gov Ryan Biology
Gurnea Taylor Biology
Ha Yuen Ying Biology
Haddad Nicole Biology
Hernandez Kevin Biology
Herrera Brenda Biology
Hill Jessica Biology
Hinojosa Phillip Biology
Jaeger Alexandria Biology
Jaferian Sahar Biology
Je Robin Biology
Jefic Mitra Biology
Jensen Erik Biology
Jestin Maxim Biology
Ji Suzhe Biology
Jimenez Jazmin Biology
Jones Jordan Biology
Jones Robert Biology
Joseph Ronnie Biology
Julian Denise Biology
Kalekas Nicholas Biology
Kamikawa Adam Biology
Kappes Kallie Biology
Keller Mackenzy Biology
Kelley Melissa Biology
Khela Jaskaran Biology
Kind Zachary Biology
Klippenstein Stephen Biology
Kubac Kieran Biology
Kubac Jiri Biology
Kulaga Natalie Biology
Kulkarni Anurag Biology
Kurek Kevin Biology
Larson Victoria Biology
Law Sarah Biology
Lee Young Biology
Licon Robert Biology
Lide Daniel Biology
Lindgren Rachel Biology
Liu Julie Biology
Longland Nicole Biology
Lund Owen Biology
Lytle Cassandra Biology
Ma Irvin Biology
Maestas Ashley Biology
Manivong Nadia Biology
Manska Salome Biology
Marett Austin Biology
Martinez Sarah Biology
Martinez Luis Biology
Martinez-Medina Eduardo Biology
Matera Courtney Biology
Mauban Erika Biology
Mayes Kimberley Biology
Mccloskey Owen Biology
Mcgee Frances Biology
Mcneilly Elizabeth Biology
Mcosker Kaitlyn Biology
Mednicoff Solena Biology
Meegodakankanamgedona Sachini Biology
Menozi Douglas Biology
Mezy Richard Biology
Mezy Francis Biology
Middlebrooks-Stephens Sade Biology
Milke Jillian Biology
Mitchell Lauren Biology
Mitchell Andrew Biology
Mohino-Downing Christian Biology
Morales Vanessa Biology
Moran Jennifer Biology
Morrell David Biology
Mull Ryan Biology
Nguyen Troy Biology
Nguyen Khoa Biology
Nicholson Kathryn Biology
Niehues Lara Biology
Nieto Erika Biology
Noel John Biology
Nyole Brian Biology
Nystrom Shaylee Biology
Ochoa Pablo Biology
Octaviano Ralph Biology
O'gara Alyssa Biology
Oh Yoon Biology
Orne Caitlyn Biology
Osorio Melissa Biology
Ostfeld Matthew Biology
Otuwa Diana Biology
Pavlos Gregory Biology
Penniston-John Breanna Biology
Perez Jessica Biology
Perkins Alexis Biology
Petretti Dillon Biology
Pomerleau Kristina Biology
Ponte Haylee Biology
Poteete Adrienne Biology
Principe Ashley Biology
Quezada Nelson Biology
Ramirez Mayra Biology
Rauber Rachel Biology
Regalado Josue Biology
Reviglio Kaelie Biology
Riar Gagan Biology
Riordan Connor Biology
Rios Alysa Biology
Robards Amy Biology
Roll Brianna Biology
Rolshoven John Biology
Romano Jonathan Biology
Rooney Joshua Biology
Rossi Gustave Biology
Rubio Jorge Biology
Sabo Tempest Biology
Saha Noirita Biology
Salmon Arielle Biology
Salzano Michael Biology
Sanchez Lucia Biology
Schmidt David Biology
Schubert Douglas Biology
Senthil Kumar Prem Biology
Sevilla Sabrina Biology
Sims Jenna Biology
Sipe Aysha Biology
Snow Alexandria Biology
Somers Kevin Biology
Sotomayor Karina Biology
Sproul Gordon Biology
Sternberg Holly Biology
Stirek Kincade Biology
Sullivan Caitlin Biology
Sung Alexander Biology
Suri Reba Biology
Switzer Tristin Biology
Talbott Connor Biology
Tarangul Alex Biology
Tarchione Ashley Biology
Taylor Nicholas Biology
Taylor Hallie Biology
Thacker Keri Biology
Thantacheva Thanapath Biology
Tice Jordan Biology
Trapp Jacob Biology
Ulan Reymon Biology
Vargas Nicholas Biology
Villanueva Jason Biology
Violago Christy Biology
Viss Crystal Biology
Von Schimmelmann Kyle Biology
Wang Sean Biology
Wang Ningxin Biology
Warner Kendal Biology
Warren Kailee Biology
Washinsky Hayley Biology
Weissgerber Emily Biology
White Briana Biology
Wong Amanda Biology
Wood Meagan Biology
Wynne Max Biology
Yamamoto David Biology
Yamasaki Evan Biology
Yancey Taylor Biology
Young Victoria Biology
Younkes Alexandra Biology
Yoxsimer Andrea Biology
Zager Jordan Biology
Campbell Quinn Chemistry
Cao Wenhua Chemistry
dePolo Gwen Chemistry
Detomasi Tyler Chemistry
Froebel Alexander Chemistry
Gelman Nathan Chemistry
Lee Michael Chemistry
Ludwig James Chemistry
Novio Leona Chemistry
O'Loughlin Amanda Chemistry
Ravikumar Visesh Chemistry
Rhea Jonathan Chemistry
Roll Brianna Chemistry
Root Harrison Chemistry
Rumbaugh Arran Chemistry
Sanford Andrea Chemistry
Trinh Annie Chemistry
Walton Mark Chemistry
Wulftange William Chemistry
Brediger Walter Geography
Brown Kinsey Geography
Kerbrat Joel Geography
King Matthew Geography
Kneeland Kyle Geography
Landers Jared Geography
Madrigal Daniel Geography
Reid Alexandra Geography
Ziolkowski Jacob Geography
Banathy Kimberly Geological Sciences & Engineering
Barker Jordan Geological Sciences & Engineering
Clark Kenia Geological Sciences & Engineering
Cooper Shane Geological Sciences & Engineering
Currie John Geological Sciences & Engineering
Depolo Paige Geological Sciences & Engineering
Foote Nathaniel Geological Sciences & Engineering
Holle Joshua Geological Sciences & Engineering
Jones Drew Geological Sciences & Engineering
Lemmer Shannon Geological Sciences & Engineering
Lorincz Lilian Geological Sciences & Engineering
Mick Timothy Geological Sciences & Engineering
Morales Valdes Yirieth Geological Sciences & Engineering
Newton Daniel Geological Sciences & Engineering
Rasmussen Brandon Geological Sciences & Engineering
Spence Colin Geological Sciences & Engineering
Struble William Geological Sciences & Engineering
Treick Dustin Geological Sciences & Engineering
Ward Jonathan Geological Sciences & Engineering
Aberasturi Dillon Mathematics
Belding Jeffrey Mathematics
Blandino Andrew Mathematics
Blane Michael Mathematics
Blankenburg Janelle Mathematics
Boggs Mathew Mathematics
Davies Alissa Mathematics
Gary Emily Mathematics
Gibbons Alaina Mathematics
Gill Sam Mathematics
Henares Miguel Teodoro Mathematics
Henricksen Karla Mathematics
Jackson Trenton Mathematics
Jeanos Matthew Mathematics
Koontz Elliot Mathematics
Levin Logan Mathematics
Ludwig James Mathematics
Milham Patricia Mathematics
Phelps Megan Mathematics
Ponce Michael Mathematics
Powell Michaela Mathematics
Robards Amy Mathematics
Salmon Brandon Mathematics
Savell Anita Mathematics
Smith Beau Mathematics
Vasquez-genchis Willie Mathematics
White Pearson Mathematics
Keskintepe Mert Microbiology & Immunology
Kirosingh Adam Microbiology & Immunology
Klukovich Rachel Microbiology & Immunology
Lynch Kole Microbiology & Immunology
Otuwa Diana Microbiology & Immunology
Tomimatsu Nicole Microbiology & Immunology
Tucker Winter Microbiology & Immunology
Adams Dayton Mining Engineering
Alexander Gary Mining Engineering
Betancourt Claudia Mining Engineering
Chapelle Nathan Mining Engineering
Devalliere Logan Mining Engineering
Diggins Sean Mining Engineering
Dubois Anna Mining Engineering
Fletcher Michael Mining Engineering
Jones Trevor Mining Engineering
Jorgensen Jennifer Mining Engineering
Mcintosh Ian Mining Engineering
Mcmahon Rio Mining Engineering
Murphy Samuel Mining Engineering
Ross Zachary Mining Engineering
Smith Travis Mining Engineering
Ward Jake Mining Engineering
Zigarlick Kevin Mining Engineering
Zizzo Kristopher Mining Engineering
Barton Reese Physics
Belding Jeffrey Physics
Cameron Anna Physics
Casey Kirsten Physics
Childers Ryan Physics
Christy Tim Physics
Cooper Matthew Physics
Engler Jacqueline Physics
Griffin Brandon Physics
Hennessey Leif Physics
Karr David Physics
Kucharek Jesse Physics
Rosen Zoey Physics
Taylor John Physics
Vasquez-genchis Willie Physics
White Bradley Physics
Williams Wyatt Physics
Wright Esteban Physics

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