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Permanent Residency

While there are several avenues available for permanent residence applicants, the OISS represents the University of Nevada, Reno in the following two forms of Employment Based applications: 1) Outstanding Professors and/or Researchers (EB-1) and 2) Special Handling for Teaching Faculty (EB-2)


  • Must be sponsored by your employer/department
  • I-140 fee must be paid by employer
  • Position must be "permanent"
  • "Permanent" is defined as "either tenured, tenure-track, or for a term of indefinite or unlimited duration, and in which the employee will ordinarily have an expectation of continued employment unless there is good cause for termination"
  • 8 C.F.R. 204.5(i)(2)

Outstanding Professor/Researcher — Employment Based Level 1 (EB-1)
EB-1- General Criteria

  • 3 years post-graduate teaching/research experience in the specialty field
  • Must have a Ph.D. and job must be in a related field
  • Letters from the university certifying full-time permanent position
  • Record of outstanding qualifications and/or research in the specialty field
  • Evidence of international recognition
  • Recommendations from experts in the field attesting to petitioners impact on the field
  • Significant publications in selective journals with international distribution
  • Evidence of scholar's participation on a panel, or individually, as the judge of the work of others in the field
  • Receipt of major prizes & awards
  • Published material in the profession written by others about the scholars work in the academic field
  • Membership in selective associations

Special Recruitment for Teaching Faculty — Employment Based Level 2 (EB-2)
EB-2 Special Recruitment — Criteria

  • Must be teaching position; combination of teaching & other duties is allowed
  • Position must require at least Master's degree or higher & the person must have the required degree
  • Position must be advertised in PRINT in a journal with national circulation
  • Selection made within the last 16 months
  • Best qualified candidate is sufficient

Please make an appointment with the OISS to learn more about these options, (775) 784-6874

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