U.S. - ROK Global Supply Chain Leaders Program

Program pillar: Exchanges

Application deadline: March 15 - May 5, 2023

Program dates:

  • To be determined: Pre-Departure Virtual Sessions
  • August 19 - 30, 2023: U.S.-based Program

Program description:

The Northern Nevada International Center at the University of Nevada, Reno is proud to host the United States - Republic of Korea (ROK) Global Supply Chain Leaders Program, in collaboration with the United States Embassy in Seoul, in an effort to advance supply chain best practices. Supply chain professionals in the ROK are encouraged to apply.

The program will offer 10 participants the opportunity to complete a study tour, traveling to Reno, Nevada, Austin, Texas, and Silicon Valley, California in August 2023 for workshops and training. The training will focus on expanding the participants’ global understanding of supply chains through the lens of the U.S. ROK bilateral relationship, focusing on what allows supply chains to flourish and how to mitigate complexities and challenges of global distribution. Participants will attend workshops, conduct site visits and network with industry leaders to foster broader awareness of our bilateral trade relationship.

Through this program, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how the United States develops and manages global supply chains, particularly in relation to U.S. - ROK efforts to create secure, sustainable and resilient global supply chains.

Candidate eligibility:

  • Citizen of the Republic of Korea
  • Have extensive work/study experience in supply chain management and/or related field
  • Be able to work cooperatively in a team setting and appreciate the opinions of others
  • Be able to attend all virtual and in-person schedules of the program

Application for Supply Chain Leadership Program

Program partners or funding:

The U.S. - ROK Global Supply Chain Leaders Program is funded by the U.S. Embassy Seoul and supported in its implementation by the Northern Nevada International Center. The opinions, findings and conclusions stated herein are those of NNIC and do not necessarily reflect those of the U.S. Embassy Seoul.

Program lead:

For more information, email International Development Specialist Kevin Sung at kevins@nnic.org.