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Statement on Afghanistan

The Northern Nevada International Center is deeply concerned with the safety and welfare of the people of Afghanistan, many of whom are fleeing for their lives. 

We are receiving a surge of requests from our current Afghan clients as well as alumni from our visitor programs and we are working with our federal partners to assist in the evacuation and resettlement of Special Immigrant Visas holders (individuals who helped U.S. military) in Northern Nevada. We have a number of pending cases in our pipeline. However, of the 7,000 individuals who have been evacuated as of last Friday, most have been American citizens. Another 10,000 people, most of whom are Americans, are currently waiting at the Kabul airport to be airlifted either to Doha or to a military base in the United States.

We will keep you posted as we learn more about the plight of the Afghans waiting to be resettled. In the meantime, we seek our community’s support over the next weeks and months as we resettle some of these families, including volunteers with airport pick ups, appointments, housing, food, furniture and financial assistance. You can find more information about the resettlement process on our website.

Resources for individuals in Afghanistan

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Language Bank

Our Language Bank provides interpretation and translation services in over 40 languages and our clients include local and regional courts, legal organizations, private businesses, conferences, and local schools.  We also offer translations of birth, marriage and death certificates at standard rates.

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Exchange programs

Creating the next generation of global citizens is one of our most important objectives.  NNIC's many professional and cultural exchange programs offer opportunities for the local community to get involved with young people and seasoned professionals from all over the world.

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Refugee resettlement

The NNIC has successfully resettled 64 displaced people here in Reno since August 2016. We also have a growing population of individual volunteers within the community. On top of that, each of our families has a mentor group which helps support them beyond the capacity of the NNIC.