Northern Nevada International Center

Interpretation and Translation Services

Language Bank

Our Language Bank provides interpretation and translation services in over 40 languages and our clients include local and regional courts, legal organizations, private  businesses,  conferences, and local schools.  We also offer translations of birth, marriage and death certificates at standard rates.

Become a Home or Dinner Host

Home host and visitors

Hosting international visitors in your home or work offers an opportunity to learn how others think about the world, about us and about current affairs.  It's better than turning on CNN because it offers insights on things we've perhaps never even thought of.  In other words, hosting broadens our horizon.

Professional and Cultural Exchanges

IREX Teachers on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno

Creating the next generation of global citizens is one of our most important objectives.  NNIC's many professional and cultural exchange programs offer opportunities for the local community to get involved with young people and seasoned professionals from all over the world.

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