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NNIC recognizes the University's commitment to diversity and inclusion and operates all programs to align with our shared commitment to a culture of excellence, inclusion and accessibility. We are proud to share our diverse Reno community with international visitors through home hosting and dinner hosting. We recognize that the diversity of our community is what makes up the rich fabric of Northern Nevada and encourage people of all backgrounds to apply to host.

NNIC temporary home hosting guidelines

NNIC requires every host family member who is eligible for a COVID vaccine to be fully vaccinated in order to host a visitor in their home. NNIC follows CDC guidelines and best practices in the field of public diplomacy and public health in order to keep our visiting delegations, our staff, our volunteers and the Northern Nevada community safe and healthy. As stewards of federal funding, we consider fiscal efficacy and the capacity of our agency to continue our important work.  This policy aligns with our responsibility to our constituents, both foreign and domestic, to remain as diligent and cautious as possible as we continue to navigate the global pandemic.

In the continued effort to protect everyone involved with our programs, NNIC’s policy is that participants will remain masked during all program activities except meals. Our international visitors and program participants undergo routine COVID testing during their stay. In the case that an exchange participant tests positive, NNIC will inform any community member involved in the program who came in contact with that participant.

Overnight Home Hosting Opportunities

NNIC offers short-term (6-12 days) youth or professional/adult hosting opportunities that provide a wonderful opportunity for people in our community to get to know visitors from several different countries. Hosting is an amazing way to learn about different cultures and meet international people while giving a visitor your unique perspective on our local community and culture. It is also an excellent way to dip your toes into hosting without committing for a school semester or year. Hosts are invited to participate in cultural celebrations and activities that allow you to get to know other visitors and hosts.

All NNIC international visitors are engaged in program activities during typical weekday work hours, to eliminate the need for most hosts to worry about work schedule conflicts. For most programs, we ask home-hosts to drop off their visitor(s) at a central location each weekday morning and from there, we provide all transportation and food until hosts pick their visitor up at the end of the day's activities. We also ask that home-hosts provide meals for their visitors when they are in a host's home. Hosts provide their guests with breakfast, some dinners (on the nights that the visitors don't have an evening cultural activity) and weekend meals.

Read our Home host FAQs

Please Note: The safety of participants and our communities is our number one priority. In-person exchange and hosting are contingent upon the stabilization of the pandemic, the easing of travel restrictions and the safety of travel.

Please email Program Specialist Olivia Bailey at with youth hosting questions or for adult and dinner hosting details.

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Learn more about overnight hosting opportunities

International visitor dinner hosting

All visitor groups are hosted for dinner in a local home at least once during their stay in our community. Please see information below about upcoming dinner hosting opportunities.

General dinner hosting details

  • All participants are required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination before beginning their program
  • All people living in the home will be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination
  • Any dietary restrictions or religious accommodations will be communicated in advance and NNIC can provide guidance
  • These are informal dinners in your home and opportunities for you to share your culture with our visitors. It could be a pizza night, a taco night, a BBQ dinner or whatever your family would like to share.

To sign up to be a dinner host for one or more of these programs, please fill out the following application form:


Dinner hosting opportunities are constantly being offered and the best way to be in the loop is by getting on our NNIC newsletter, where we send out hosting opportunities monthly.