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Overnight Home Hosting Opportunities

NNIC offers short-term (two to 14 days) youth or professional/adult hosting opportunities that provide a wonderful opportunity for people in our community to get to know visitors from several different countries. Hosting is an amazing way to learn about different cultures and meet international people while giving a visitor your unique perspective on our local community and culture. It is also an excellent way to dip your toes into hosting without committing for a school semester or year. Hosts are also invited to participate in cultural celebrations and activities that allow you to get to know other visitors and hosts.

All NNIC international visitors are engaged in program activities during typical weekday work hours to eliminate the need for most hosts to worry about work schedule conflicts. For most programs, we ask home-hosts to drop off their visitor(s) at a central location each weekday morning and from there, we provide all transportation and food until hosts pick their visitor(s) up at the end of the day's activities. We also ask that home-hosts provide meals for their visitor(s) when they are in a host's home. Hosts typically provide their guests with breakfast, some dinners (on the nights that the visitors don't have an evening cultural activity) and weekend meals.

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The Study of the U.S. Institutes

Home hosts for SUSI will be requested to host participants in their home over a weekend, for two nights. Families or individuals may host 1-2 participants. Participants may not share a room with a member of the home host family; however, two participants may stay together in one room. If you have questions about housing or the program, please contact the program coordinator listed for the specific program below.

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International visitor dinner hosting

All visitor groups are hosted for dinner in a local home at least once during their stay in our community. Please see information below about upcoming dinner hosting opportunities.

General dinner hosting details

  • Any dietary restrictions or religious accommodations will be communicated in advance and NNIC can provide guidance
  • These are informal dinners in your home and opportunities for you to share your culture with our visitors. It could be a pizza night, a taco night, a BBQ dinner or whatever your family would like to share.

To sign up to be a dinner host for one or more of these programs, please fill out the following application form:


Dinner hosting opportunities are constantly being offered and the best way to be in the loop is by getting on our NNIC newsletter, where we send out hosting opportunities monthly.