Become a Home Host

Becoming a home host is easy, just email Carina Black. There are many hosting options to bring the world to your home. You may host one of our International Visitor Groups for dinner, host an Algerian Youth Leadership student for two weeks, or become a volunteer at one of our Fulbright events. The home host experience will broaden your global perspective! 

Current Hosting Opportunities  

We always looking for home hosts. In preparation for our summer programs we are looking for multiple hosting families. Please contact Dr. Carina Black. More to come soon! 

NNIC Home Hosts in the News:

We also congratulate our local home hosts, Anita and Jack Bevans, as they were highlighted as exceptional home hosts on the U.S. Department of State's IVLP website as well as on our local news station KTVN News Channel 2. Click here to see the video.

Dr. Muhammed Quddus's Home Host Experience   "I thank NNIC for the opportunity to meet and greet some of the brightest legal minds of the Indian subcontinent countries. The best part was to get a feel for the unadulterated warmth of these exceptional human beings. Although I was born in Bangladesh, I never had the opportunity to visit these countries; this was my first instance of looking in the eyes of these native people, shake hands with them and identify with them. We truly enjoyed their company and I think they enjoyed ours." Dr. Muhammed Quddus (Dr. Quddus hosted a group of South Asian delegates for dinner at his home in Reno in February. The group was visiting under the auspices of the State Department program for International Visitors.)