NNIC statement regarding the crisis in Ukraine

Like many of you, the board and of the Northern Nevada International Center (NNIC) are deeply concerned over the Russian invasion of Ukraine and we are monitoring the rapidly evolving situation closely.  We commend the strength and resilience of the Ukrainian people and keep them in our thoughts and prayers. 

Many of you have also asked how you can help, and if Ukrainian refugees will be resettled in the United States and ultimately in our community.  That question cannot yet be answered as it takes months if not years for the international refugee community to recognize a protracted conflict.  In the meantime, NNIC is working with some community leaders to establish a fund to help fleeing Ukrainians.  Please check back with us soon to learn more about how you can contribute.  Please note, your contributions will not go to the NNIC, but will be collected here locally and sent to an appropriate international organization on the ground in Ukraine or one of the adjacent countries.

Below please find information that might be useful for family members, colleagues and others who are directly affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

Assistance for individuals from or fleeing Ukraine

BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and non-Ukrainian citizens support

Community-led Google doc (updated daily). The document has information on the following topics:

  1. Contacts to communities embassies in neighboring countries
  2. Asylum and legal advice in Germany
  3. Hosts in Germany
  4. Transport/supplies
  5. Would you like to support
  6. Psychological support