Thank you so much for your interest in assisting the refugee community. We look forward to working with you and for you to serve these wonderful families!

Please contact Amanda Mundt at amundt@nnic.org for information about getting started as a volunteer for us. You can also fill out this survey to help us understand your strengths and allow us to utilize your skills in the best way for the families - and for you!

Volunteer training

NNIC has monthly volunteer training meetings over Zoom and recorded training sessions to watch at your convenience.

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteers play a vital role in serving newly arrived refugees by providing friendship and general assistance to help them adapt to life in the U.S. Some specific things they do include:

  • Transportation: Help refugees get to the necessary caseworker and medical appointments during their first few weeks in America.
  • Movers and apartment setup: Assist our staff in gathering donations, setting up housing and delivering groceries for new arrivals.
  • English Tutor: Meet with a family regularly to help them practice their English skills.
  • School Tutor: Help struggling students with Algebra or other school subjects.
  • Mail support: Help clients sort their mail, learn to pay bills, and communicate important information to their case manager.
  • Community/cultural guides: Help orient refugees to their new community and the public resources available to them such as public transportation, shopping, banking, and library services.
  • Teach life-skills classes: Budgeting, cooking, nutrition, computer skills, home safety, etc.
  • Employment/health advocates: Prepare and connect refugees to job leads or assist them in navigating our U.S. healthcare system.
  • Bus buddies: Train refugees on using the bus system in Reno. Help them practice routes to work, the store and other frequent destinations.
  • Give driving lessons: Help a refugee earn his or her driver’s license by practicing driving with them.

If you have questions, please contact:

Amanda Mundt
Northern Nevada International Center
Volunteer Coordinator
(775) 378-7059