If you are interested in volunteering at the Northern Nevada International Center, we have a few options for you: Hosting, Driving, and Interpreting. You can host international guests for dinner while sharing diverse cultural backgrounds. Additionally, we need volunteer drivers to take the international guests around Reno and Tahoe to see what we have to offer. Furthermore, we need experienced interpreters for the guests.


We need volunteers to take in a group of individuals for an evening of dinner and fun. This could also consist of an individual staying at your home for a time period of 7, 15, or 30 days.


NNIC is Hiring and also looking for volunteer drivers. Click here for more information.


Our Language Bank does cost money for our interpreters, but we need volunteers to interpret for those who cannot afford to pay.


Internships typically last between six weeks (summer internships only) and four months and are offered three times a year; spring, summer and fall.