22nd Annual Global Gala

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open doors.
build bridges.
be a global neighbor.

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By walking through the doors of Northern Nevada International Center's Global Gala: Connecting Reno's Global Family, Friday, October 15, you will be crossing into a brighter future and a broader present. In addition to a dinner and a program worth remembering, you'll be opening doors to the world. You will directly help our work of leading Nevada's global engagement through refugee resettlement, international exchanges and language access programs.

Join the celebration

We've created an amazing night for our 22nd Annual Global Gala: Connecting Reno's Global Family. We've added more and better opportunities to hear from and interact with alumni visitors from around the world who participated in our program, as well as those in the Reno area. These different stations will be available for you to peruse while you enjoy a cocktail hour strolling through the National Automobile Museum.

Be a part of something big

Global events call us to do more, and to do that, we need your support more than ever. We need our most ardent backers to celebrate what we have accomplished while empowering us to hit our next and greatest level of service capability.

The Global Gala is a celebration of all that we do

Fostering the role of citizen diplomacy in building bridges of international awareness and understanding through programs of international exchange, community and educational outreach and refugee resettlement in order to promote the equality of all peoples.

Refugee resettlement

Since 2016, our organization has helped resettle 223 displaced individuals from all across the globe in our region. We work with these families to pair them with mentors who can support them beyond our structure and help illustrate the power of comunity right here in Reno.

Language bank

With interpretation and translation services for more than 40 languages, we provide services to local and regional courts, legal organizations, private businesses, conferences and local schools. Language bank services help newcomers find a more welcoming environment while offering busnesses easier ways to connect with our international visitors and residents.

Exchange programs

Kenya, Brazil, Algeria... just a few countries involved in our organization's many exchange programs. We partner with public and private institutions to create professional exchange opportunities that bring youth and budding leaders together with the hopes of creating a more fluid and informed world.

Community outreach

While not a current cornerstone, the NNIC recognizes that to be a trusted advisor and community partner here and elsewhere, we must work to bring our community closer together. Outreach is a focal point for our organization in community, and supporters should expect to see gatherings, events and public references increase in the coming year.