Global Gala: Silver Celebrations

Join us for the 24th annual Global Gala!

This celebration of 25 years takes place April 11, 2024, at the Grand Sierra Resort.

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Doors open at 5:30 p.m.

Grand Sierra Resort
2500 2nd Street, Reno, NV 89509

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You’re invited to join NNIC’s Global Gala: Silver Celebrations, where we’ll celebrate 25 years of operation in 2024 and recognize our work in the Silver State and beyond. Join us as we honor the individuals, families and organizations who have been integral in our growth and accomplishments, from early champions to program influencers to industry partners spurring our innovation. 

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Meet our Global Gala 2024 Luminaries

Meet those who have supported NNIC’s programs and activities over a sustained period of time -- without whose involvement NNIC wouldn’t be where it is today!

  • Alison Gaulden, Citizen Diplomat and Board President (20+ years)
  • Amy Ginder, Citizen Diplomat and Board President (10+ years)
  • Anita Bevans, Host Extraordinaire and Reciprocal Exchange Participant (25+ years)
  • Brian Sandoval, University of Nevada, Reno President and Citizen Diplomat (20+ years)
  • Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada, Legal Service Provider (10+ years)
  • City of Reno, Founding Support (25+ years)
  • Claudia Ortega-Lukas (Board President) and Tim Lukas, Home Hosts and Citizen Diplomats (25+ years)
  • Deborah Loesch-Griffin, Citizen Diplomat and Collaborator (25+ years)
  • Faculty of the College of Business, Extraordinary Partners (10+ years)
  • Faculty of the Reynolds School of Journalism, Extraordinary Partners (15+ years)
  • Gretchen Hendi, Resettlement Volunteer and Citizen Diplomat (5+ years)
  • Jim Liu, Interpreter and Citizen Diplomat (25+ years)
  • Jim Proctor, Board Treasurer (10+ years)
  • Larry Struve, in memoriam – Citizen Diplomat and Founder (35+ years)
  • Nancy and Steve Casper, Extraordinary Home Hosts (25+ years)
  • National Judicial College, Extraordinary Partners (25+ years)
  • Northern Nevada HOPES Clinic, Extraordinary Partner (since 2016)
  • Northern Nevada Literacy Council, Extraordinary Partner (since 2016)
  • Sandy Raffealli, Citizen Diplomat and Supporter (5+ years)
  • Shayne Del Cohen, International Visitors Council of Northern Nevada Founder (35+ years)
  • Sherry Mueller, Ph.D., Extraordinary Supporter and Mentor (25 years) 
  • Tarek Hadjoudj, Extraordinary Partner (15+ years)
  • Tiffany Young, Extraordinary Partner (10+ years)
  • Toni Neubauer, in memoriam – Board member and supporter (25+ years)
  • University Studies Abroad Consortium, Extraordinary Partner (25+ years)

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The Global Gala is a celebration of all that we do

Silver Celebrations provides the opportunity to showcase how NNIC plays a critical role in northern Nevada and abroad.

Refugee resettlement

Since 2016, our organization has helped resettle nearly 600 displaced individuals from all across the globe, including those from Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, East Africa, Central America and other volatile regions.

Language bank

As part of our commitment to ensuring language is never a barrier to equal justice, housing, employment, education or other essential services, our team provides document translation services, in-person interpretation, video remote interpretation, over-the-phone, transcriptions, voiceover dubbing and much more. Our interpreters and translators are more than language experts - they are cultural brokers. More than 200 languages are available. 

International exchange

On average, we host 600 visitors a year from over 120 countries each year and invite Reno companies to participate and inspire global change. For example, the first food bank in Algeria resulted from a 2014 visit to the Food Bank of Northern Nevada as part of the Youth Leadership Program.