Exchange programs

Custom exchange programs

We partner with public and private international institutions to create custom professional exchange opportunities that bring individuals from different parts of the world together. Professional programs for international clients are created based on theme, objective and duration. The NNIC also has its own private fleet of vehicles and professional CDL drivers to provide on time and accurate logistical consistency. Contact Program Manager Michael Graf at for more information. 

Our programs

American Youth Engagement Opportunities

NNIC has several opportunities for American youth and families to be part of State Department Youth Leadership Programs. These programs include American high school students who participate in part or all of the youth program along with the international youth.

Brazil Youth Ambassadors Program

The Brazil Youth Ambassadors Program takes place each January, when 12-13 Brazilian high school students visit Reno to learn about civic engagement while participating in service learning projects and meetings with Reno community organizations.

Fulbright Gateway Orientation

The Northern Nevada International Center at the University of Nevada, Reno is proud to host the Fulbright Gateway Orientation annually. The Gateway Orientation is intended to prepare visiting Foreign Fulbright graduate students for a new life as an international graduate student in the United States.

International Visitor Leadership Program

The International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) is the U.S. Department of State’s premier professional exchange program. Launched in 1940, the IVLP is a professional exchange program that seeks to build mutual understanding between the U.S. and other nations through carefully designed short-term visits to the U.S. for current and emerging foreign leaders.

Mandela Washington Fellows

The Mandela Washington Fellowship is the flagship program of President Obama's Young African Leaders Initiative. Nationwide, the Mandela Washington Fellowship will provide 500 Sub-Saharan African professionals with unique opportunities to develop expertise in their subject areas, grow their professional networks and increase their knowledge of the United States.

Nevada English Language and Learning Institute

Through a collaboration with the University’s Writing and Speaking Center, the Nevada English Language and Learning Institute (NELLI) offers intensive five-week and semester-long programs to international students, at least 15 years or older, who are interested in learning English and American culture. 

Open World

The Northern Nevada International Center annually hosts one week Open World programs. Begun as a pilot program in 1999, Open World programs have enabled more than 17,000 current and future leaders from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan to meaningfully engage and interact with Members of Congress, Congressional staff, and thousands of other Americans.

Study of U.S. Institutes

The Study of the U.S. Institutes on the Rule of Law and Public Service includes 20 undergraduate military student leaders from Poland, Colombia, Bangladesh, and Malaysia. It is an intensive five-week academic program that provides participants with a transformative learning experience of leadership, U.S. Federalism, including the judicial, legislative, and executive branches.

Two-Way Young Climate Activists Exchange Program

The Two-Way Young Climate Activists Exchange Program is an exchange program for young climate activists in the U.S. and the Republic of Korea (ROK) to meet with and build synergy on shared environmental goals. The program takes place in the U.S. in August and in the ROK in October.

Youth Leadership Program with Algeria

The Youth Leadership Program with Algeria is a leadership development and civic engagement opportunity for Algerian and American youth, ages 15-17 and for civic-minded Algerian adults. This cultural and academic exchange takes place every June and July in Reno, Nevada and Washington, DC.

Youth Leadership Program with Kenya

The Youth Leadership Program with Kenya is a leadership development and civic engagement opportunity for Kenyan and American high school students (ages 15-18) and Kenyan adult educators or community leaders. This cultural and academic exchange takes place in April in Reno, Nevada and Washington, DC.