Headshot of Amit Saini

Amit Saini

Lecturer II


My name is Amit Saini. I grew up in London, England and moved to the Reno/Sparks area in 1991. I have been here ever since and decided to attend UNR as an undergraduate in the fall of 2002 after graduating from Wooster High School. I graduated from UNR with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics in May 2006 and was accepted into the Master’s program. I graduated two years ago and am now done with school. I am currently a lecturer at UNR.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of personal information of interest about myself. I occasionally find cooking and baking to be somewhat entertaining. I am also an avid fan of most organized sports, especially the NFL (go Panthers!).

I have always enjoyed writing and love to read a good book (though I don’t do either as much as I would like). For years I was very much into gaming but haven’t done any lately. I just can’t seem to get interested in it again. My greatest personal accomplishment is having lost about 125 pounds. I still have quite a bit more to lose but I am closer to my goal than I ever imagined possible.

Last year I bought my first house and have had a blast moving in and getting everything set up the way I want it.


  • M.S.-2008, University of Nevada, Reno
  • B.S.-2006, University of Nevada, Reno