Graduate assistantships

Teaching Assistantships award a competitive stipend for the academic year plus a tuition and fee waiver and a subsidized medical plan. Teaching assistants will be expected to perform specific teaching and grading duties. Normally this will not exceed teaching 6 credit hours per semester or the academic equivalent. Awards are based on academic credentials submitted with the graduate school application. Research Assistantships are sometimes available as well.

Teaching Assistantships are also subject to the following guidelines

  1.  TA support is normally approved for 8 semesters for students entering with a bachelor's degree and 4 semesters for students with a master’s degree, subject to good academic standing and normal degree progress. To get TA support beyond this period requires special semester-by-semester approval of the Graduate Committee.
  2. Students being supported by a TA are expected to enroll in at least 6 credits of approved graduate coursework. The courses Grad 701 and Math 899 do not count toward this 6-credit requirement.

All graduate students holding an assistantship (teaching GTA or GRA) are considered Nevada residents for tuition purposes. Non-resident tuition is only waived for the duration of the assistantship. To be eligible for an assistantship, students must be admitted to a degree-granting program and be in good academic standing. The student must have an overall GPA of at least 3.0 and must be continuously enrolled in at least 6 graduate-level credits (600-700) throughout the duration of the assistantship. State-funded assistantships (GTA/GRA) may be held for a maximum of: three (3) years for master’s degree students and five (5) years for doctoral degree students.

Information on graduate assistantship in the graduate school website:

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