These are the official forms needed to conduct business within the Center for Student Engagement. All forms should be turned into the Center for Student Engagement on the 3rd floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union or online.

Contracts, agreements and grants

All contracts, agreements and grants must firstgo to the ASUN/Center for Student Engagement Central Station so the appropriate University personnel's signature can be on the contact, agreement or grant. The authority is invested in the University Controller. Any and all contracts, agreements, or grants without appropriate prior approval are null and void and do not represent an obligation on the part of the university or ASUN/Center for Student Engagement to make payment. This includes all contracts, agreements or grants paid out of all university accounts including student club accounts, funds granted to clubs by ASUN, etc. Please contact the office at (775) 784-6589 or email the Center for Student Engagement before you move forward with your activity. 

NSHE has updated the mandatory vaccination language for vendors effective September 30, 2021. Please visit our Policies page to review the updated policy.

Payment request forms

Below are the different payment forms you may use through our Central Station Office. The forms below are for recognized clubs and organization, The Center for Student Engagement and ASUN departments only.