Club Advisors

Advisor Workshops

Advisor workshops are facilitated by the Assistant Director of Student Engagement and is targeted to all new, returning, and interested club/organization advisors. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Annual Club Renewal Process
  • Club Advisor Overview
  • Club Funding
  • Collecting Donations
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Event Planning
  • FERPA Training
  • Fundraising
  • Implicit Bias Training
  • New Club Recognition Process
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Travel

Who can be an advisor?

Any employee of the University of Nevada, Reno who is considered fulltime academic faculty, administrative faculty, or classified staff may be an advisor for an ASUN club or organization.

What is the role of an advisor?

Role of Faculty or Staff Adviser of a University Recognized Organization

"The faculty or staff adviser of a university-recognized organization serves as the university's representative to that organization. The adviser should be aware of university regulations and policies involving recognized organizations, especially those regarding use of university facilities, alcoholic beverages, use of university vehicles, and official university travel. An ASUN representative is available to help interpret and understand university and ASUN regulations"

Section 3,010, University Administrative Manual

  • Conflict Mediator
  • Educator
  • Mentor
  • Motivator
  • Policy Interpreter
  • Reflective Agent
  • Team Builder

Advisor Resources:

ASUN Advisor Guide. This guide breaks down what roles an advisor can take, provides helpful tips for advising a student group, and includes a variety of contacts across the University.

ASUN Website. Direct your students to the Clubs and Organizations section under Get Involved for important information.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act via (FERPA). Information on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

University Policies and Regulations:

Interested in Advising a Club?

For additional information, please contact