Student Events Advisory Board

The SEAB is housed within the Center for Student Engagement and is meant to serve University clubs and organizations and individual students in both of its capacities as an advisory and advocacy board. The board is modeled within a student development framework that understands and encourages students, clubs and organizations to be contributors to an overall active student life on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno. Further, it encourages the exploration of programmatic efforts without taking away the ownership of events from sponsoring entities. Ultimately, the board serves as a clearinghouse of information in advising best practices of students, clubs, and organization sponsored events.

We respect the autonomy, mission and purpose of each event and understand the value in diversity of all programming efforts. All programming efforts are seen as equal in the eyes of the board. By assisting students, clubs, and organizations in grounding their programs within the framework of a solid programming effort, we believe we create solid learning opportunities within the co-curricular classroom and thus support the overall learning mission of our learning community. The board does this by:

  1. Assisting clubs and organizations with navigating and negotiating University, departmental and ASUN policy and procedure. Board guidelines and regulations do not exist per say. Rather, the main role of the board is to assist student leaders in staying within the framework of policy and procedures while making sure we maintain the integrity of the programming effort.
  2. Risk management and liability issues are explored and changes to programming efforts are discussed with the student representative and then jointly we recommend to the club or organization the importance of making necessary adjustments to ensure the success and safety of the overall program and its participants and attendees. Security needs are assessed and assigned.
  3. The board consists of University professionals from the various areas whose policies and procedures have a direct impact on programming efforts. These areas include University scheduling, police, student union scheduling, facilities, the fitness center, risk management, and the Center for Student Engagement/ASUN. In bringing this group of professionals together, student clubs and organizations benefit from the years of experience each member has in event planning. Further, they are advised on the ins and outs of policy and procedure from University professionals who care about the success of their programming effort.
  4. By attending SEAB meetings, clubs and organizations are also made aware of resources available to them because of their recognized status through ASUN and GSA. Hence, we are able to assist clubs and organizations in saving precious fiscal resources while still maintaining the integrity of their programs. Further, we are able to connect clubs and organizations with services and programs provided by various University departments that will have a positive impact on their program. For example, there is staging and sound systems available through TLT, the student union, and the Center for Student Engagement.
  5. Further, relationships between the student clubs and organizations and their advisors are strengthened via the advisors acknowledgment of the event (signature required) prior to the student representative's attendance at SEAB. This encourages dialogue between the advisors and the students they advise and the programming effort.