Club renewal (Currently Recognized Clubs)

Before you start

This club renewal process is for clubs and organizations that have been ASUN recognized within the last fiscal year. If you are looking to start a club, please visit Starting an ASUN Recognized Club.

Club renewal

Renewal takes place on an annual basis in line with the university’s fiscal calendar. ASUN affiliation status restarts on July 1st and expires on June 30th of the following year.

The Club Registration Form can be accessed on the Pack Life website. Please note that you should meet with your club commissioner before submitting the Club Registration Form.

Club renewal prep

Prior to submitting your club registration form, you will need to attend a club renewal workshop with your club commissioner. At that meeting, make sure to have the following:

  • A computer or laptop with Wifi (This is so you can fill out the registration form at the meeting)
  • Name, NET ID, and contact information for the President & Treasurer
  • Name, NET ID, and contact information for your Safety Officer (club sports only)
  • Name and contact info for your faculty or staff advisor (must be full time University staff or faculty)
  • Name and contact info of a community advisor or coach (if either of these apply to you)
  • Name and contact info for any National or Local Organizations your club is a part of
  • Club logo image (if you have one)
  • Club Constitution
  • Club Mission Statement or description of your club (this will be public facing)
  • Emails for at least two additional club members

All clubs

  • Submit your Club Registration Form on PackLife
  • Constitution submitted and reviewed by Commissioner
  • Advisor accepts terms & conditions on PackLife
  • President and Treasurer complete 7 training modules on WebCampus
  • Competitive club sports additional Spring tasks

Competitive Club Sports Additional Tasks

In addition to club sports that compete, any club sports that involve contact or combat will be listed under this organization type and must complete these requirements.

  • All officers and members listed on PackLife Roster
  • Submit a Net ID List of all of your members
  • All Members complete a WebCampus Concussion module
  • All members sign a Concussion Form and Liability Waiver
  • 2 First Aid/CPR Certifications from officers (Safety officer and one other officer)
  • Heads Up Concussion Training Certificates (President, Treasurer and Safety Officer)
  • Emergency Contact List

Benefits of club recognition

  • Access to PackLife site and PackLife club management tools
  • Ability to participate in the ASUN Club Fair
  • Ability to host tabling
  • Access to ASUN club resources
  • Reserve space on campus for in-person activities* (e.g., meetings, fundraisers, tabling events, etc.)
  • Ability to engage in fundraising activities
  • Apply for ASUN Club Support Funding
  • Use of Central Station’s accounting services
  • Receive letters of support for national associations or leagues

For more information, contact your commissioner or