Democratic Engagement

Student at a voting table

Voting resources

The Center for Student Engagement provides information and resources to students to ensure that they are able to fully exercise their voting rights. Wondering how you can apply for a mail-in/absentee ballot? Want to get election reminders? Get answers to these questions and learn why student votes matter!

Student at a voting table

Democratic literacy

The Center for Student Engagement is committed to providing opportunities for University of Nevada, Reno students to continue to develop the skills and acquire the knowledge needed to be fully active citizens.
Learn more about our new initiatives, including our new Critical Democratic Literacy Series!

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Get involved

We believe that students are powerful and have the capacity to make change happen as active citizens. Review the various ways that you can get involved and take ownership of your individual and collective power.

Students sit on the grass and walk in front of the Pennington Student Achievement Center on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno.

Census 2020

The U.S. Census is the official method for counting the U.S. population. The census occurs every 10 years and is mandated by the U.S. Constitution. College students will be counted in the communities where they go to school and live the majority of the year. Most college students need to be counted at their college address, either on campus or off campus. They should be counted at their parents’ home only if they live and sleep at that location most of the year.