Accounting Office

The ASUN Accounting Office provides services for clubs and organizations year-round. Services include: deposits, donations, time sheets, contracts, payment requests, grants, University credit cards, copy machine codes, club accounting.

Please visit the Forms Page for the up-to-date accounting forms.

Feel free to email the Accounting Office if you have any questions and/or concerns.

Accounting Office Trainings

The Accounting Office trainings are required but not limited to all Presidents and Treasures of a club or organization to go to once a year.

Club Accounts (Checking, Savings, Credit Cards)

University policy states that all revenues generated by the University and all expenditures for goods and services must be recorded and accounted for within the financial accounting system of the institution. For student clubs and organizations, this means that all moneys collected or raised by the club, including dues, collections for purchases of uniforms or t-shirts, ticket sales, and all student contributions towards events, must be deposited into the ASUN club account, and the funds generated spent from this club account. The use of University funds or assets for any personal, unlawful, or improper purpose is prohibited.

Once your club is recognized, you may activate your account by making a deposit at the ASUN Accounting Office. No off campus checking, saving or credit card accounts can be created by a club member or an advisor. The University of Nevada, Reno Administrative Manual (Section 1060 page 42) stipulates, "Bank accounts outside the University are NOT permitted for any funds relating to university or university-related activities." If your club has an account off campus, please close it immediately and deposit the money into your individual club account.

The ASUN Accounting Office will not provide cash advances or monetary change for your fundraiser, therefore, please make arrangements to collect monetary resources for change prior to the fundraiser. If checks will be deposited, please make the checks payable to the Board of Regents. The organization should deposit the monies to ASUN Accounting Office to the club account within 72 hours of the fundraiser. It is advised that the organization treasurer is held responsible for the collection and deposit. If the key to the cash box is not returned the club or organization will be charged $10 for a replacement key.