Clubs and Organization Travel

These protocols apply to clubs recognized by ASUN, Fitness & Recreational Sports, and Fraternity & Sorority Life.

Plan ahead! Travelers will not receive a P-Card from Central Station until your Travel Request Form and all necessary forms are approved.

Don't wait! If the clubs are planning to receive ASUN club support funding, they must submit a Funding Request Form (found under your club's "Finance" tab) in Pack Life and attend a Funding Hearing before submitting the Travel Request Form. Clubs must demonstrate an ability to pay for any anticipated travel expenses before being issued a P-Card through an approved travel request.

All requests must be approved before you travel! Clubs may not travel unless the request form is fully executed. If clubs would like to inquire about the status of the claim, please email Wei Jiang at

Before traveling

  1. Submit a Travel Request Form
    1. Domestic travel:
      • At least 30 days prior to travel for auto travel (Personal Car, Car Rental, Bus Rental)
      • At least 45 days (Air/ Train Travel)
      • Any Travel Request Forms submitted after 30 days prior to the date of travel may not have adequate time for review and approval
      • Travel is not considered approved until you have received an approval on the Travel Request Form
      • Necessary Documents/Attachments:
        • Detailed Agenda- A conference/tournament itinerary must be attached if applicable. If an official itinerary is not provided, or does not exist, a typed agenda of your trip must be attached
        • Roster- Include a roster of everyone traveling. This includes club members, coaches, faculty advisors, community advisors, etc
        • Upload a Travel Request/ Spend Authorization Form- Form is available on the Travel Request Form on Pack Life
        • Auto Travel only- For each driver: Upload a valid driver’s license and valid insurance certificate
          • Each driver must be 21 years or older
          • Attach a Personal Vehicle Request Form for each driver. Form is available on the Travel Request Form on Pack Life
          • Attach a Screenshot of the Google Maps Route which includes the number of miles being traveled and the destination and starting point
        • Air, Train, or Chartered Bus Travel Only- Attach the flight, bus, or train travel itinerary with a cost estimate
      • If clubs are relying on ASUN Club Support Funding, funding must be secured at least 2 days before submitting a travel request
    2. International travel:
      • Please email Asstant Director of Clubs & Orgs, Shannon Owens prior to planning any international travel at
      • At least 45 days or more prior to travel, submit BOTH a Travel Request form with the Center for Student Engagement and an International Travel Authorization Request to Asstant Director of Clubs & Orgs, Shannon Owens at
      • Clubs will also be required to fill out an International Travel Safety and Risk Assessment Form with their Advisor
      • Please note that depending on the U.S. Department of State Travel advisory level of a given country, permission to travel may not be given
      • Any country with a U.S. Department of State Travel advisory level 3 or level 4 will require a risk assessment to be completed.
      • Students should check the BCN International Travel website to determine which risk assessment to complete depending on the type of travel (employee vs. student).
      • If clubs are relying on ASUN Club Support Funding, funding must be secured at least 2 days before submitting a international travel request
  2. Complete a Credit Card Request Form
    • Once the travel request is approved, if you need to pay for travel-related expenses using a purchasing card and have the funds in their club account and/or have received club support funding, clubs must submit a Credit Card Request Form in Pack Life.
    • Receipts from purchases made with ASUN credit cards, checks, or IPO's must be turned in to the ASUN Central Station within 24 hours. All receipts need to be itemized.
      • Any club that fails to submit receipts will not be allowed to request further services from the ASUN Central Station.

While Traveling

  • International travel: If country changes travel advisory levels while abroad, students may be required to return immediately.
  • Traveling club members and accompanying travelers (e.g. coaches, advisors, etc.) need to follow travel requirements for other institutions/venues and the specific counties/cities they are in if they are more restrictive than the University.

Mileage Restrictions

  • 1-250 mileage stipulation: For travel within 250 miles (each way) from the Greater Reno area, clubs may travel via personal vehicle. Personal vehicle is defined as non-commercial or rented vehicles.
  • 251- 400 mile stipulation: Personal vehicle use is permitted insofar as all travelling members stay overnight and return the following day OR for travel within this mileage, clubs can hire third party transportation for out-and-back service.
  • 401 + mileage stipulation: For travel 401 miles or more (each way), clubs must utilize commercial transportation, or a third party is required. Travel outside of the 400-mile radius of the Greater Reno area will only be allowed with the approval by the Associate Vice President of Student Life.
  • 500 + mileage stipulation: For travel 500 miles or more, clubs must utilize commercial transportation, or a third party is required. All out-of-region travel requests must be reviewed by the Associate Vice President of Student Life and as with all travel requests, travel must be approved by the University before any commitments or travel arrangements can be made.

If you are ill

  • Members and attendees should know that if they are sick they should not travel or attend in-person activities, events, or meetings.
  • If a member is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, we recommend they get tested. Home testing is widely available. Daily free COVID testing is available Monday through Friday at the Student Health Center and no appointment is needed. Check the Student Health Center website or call (775) 784-6598 for current hours.

When you return

  • Travel claim/reimbursement: A Reimbursement Request Form (in Pack Life) must be turned in 10 business days after you return from your trip. Even if clubs do not want to seek reimbursement after your trip, a zero-travel claim must be turned in. A hold will be placed on your club account on the 11th day for failure to submit the claim. This means all transactions cease, no purchasing cards will be distributed, etc.
    • If a club plans to seek reimbursement after they travel, members seeking reimbursement must be signed up on the NSHE Supplier Registration System Lite as a supplier.

Note: if you are an active UNR employee, you do not need to register as a supplier

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