Starting a club

This information is for clubs/organizations that are new and/or have not been ASUN recognized within the last two fiscal years. If you are renewing a club/organization, please visit the club renewal page. Club recognition status is based on the Universities fiscal year.

  • 2019-2020 Club Recognition is valid July 1st, 2019 - June 30th, 2020
  • 2020-2021 Club Recognition is valid July 1st 2020 - June 30th, 2021

The deadline to submit a 2020-2021 club application for any new clubs is February 15, 2021. After this deadline, we recommend you wait to start a club until we begin accepting club renewals for 2021-2022 in late March/early April.

ASUN Clubs & Orgs Department Procedures Manual

Steps to start an ASUN-recognized club

  • Submit a club recognition application

    In order to submit this application, you will need to have ready a couple of documents and a few pieces of information:

    1. Club/organization name
    2. Coalition
    3. Mission statement
    4. Outside affiliations (e.g., associations, leagues., etc. your club is a part) - if applicable
    5. General email/social media handles
    6. Club meeting details (you may email us to update this information)
    7. President, Treasurer and Advisor contact information (President and Treasurer must be different individuals)
    8. Safety Officer contact information (club sports only)
    9. Club Constitution
  • Complete new club recognition tasks

    After submitting their application, Presidents and Treasurers will receive an email from the ASUN Center for Student Engagement with a list of club recognition tasks specific to your type of club. Below are the recognition tasks that clubs need to make sure are done, submitted, or confirmed in order to be recognized for the 2020-21 fiscal year.

    Deadline: The deadline for these tasks will vary based on the time of year when you submit. Generally, you will have 30 business days from the start of a semester to complete the tasks below but this will vary if you apply during a semester. You will be provided with a deadline specific for your club in the email we send you with your list of club recognition tasks.

    All clubs (Some clubs may need to complete additional tasks)

    • Provide a contact list of all club officers
    • President and Treasurer complete WebCampus trainings
    • Receive club constitution approval
    • Advisor provided confirms role of advisor
    • Seven (7) members register and are confirmed via GivePulse (except for FSL-recognized organizations)
    • Meet with your ASUN Club Commissioner to further learn about resources, policies, and procedures

    Food-based clubs only

    These are clubs with missions that include the preparation or handling of food.

    • Submit a Net ID Roster List of all of your members
    • All members complete a WebCampus food-safety module
    • All members complete a liability waiver
    • Performance-based clubs only These are clubs with missions that include any time of performance (e.g. singing, dancing, acting, etc.) Submit a Net ID Roster List of all of your members All members complete a liability waiver

    Club sports only

    These are clubs that play sports or have missions focused on physical activities (not including dancing).

    • Submit a Net ID roster list of all of your members
    • All members complete a WebCampus concussion module
    • All members complete a concussion form
    • Officer and coach form
    • Safety Officer meeting
    • Two (2) first aid/CPR certifications from officers (Safety Officer + one other officer)
    • First Aid/CPR Certifications from all coaches*
    • Concussion training Certificates (Coaches*, President, Treasurer, and Safety Officer)
    • Coach volunteer form*
    • Emergency contact list* 
    • President & Treasurer sign agreement that club sports manual was read

    *Competitive club sports only

  • New club recruiting status privileges

    Once we have started processing you Club Recognition Application, you will be placed on recruiting status. This status will last until you complete your tasks and acquire recognition or your deadline to complete tasks expires. While your club is on recruiting status, you will have the following privileges:

    • View your club on the ASUN website
    • Participate in ASUN-sponsored recruitment events
    • Utilize ASUN club resources Reserve space on campus (meeting or tabling spaces only)
    • Submit SEAB Review Forms for meetings and tabling

Club Sports

The Sports and Recreation Coalition is divided into two categories: Competitive and Non-Competitive. Requirements vary depending on which category your club/organization is classified under. Clubs/Organizations may choose which category they fall under initially, however, the decision will ultimately be determined by the Assistant Director of Student Engagement.

For more information

Contact  or  Gabriela Ortiz Flores, Assistant Director in the Center for Student Engagement.