3,010: Policies Relating to Student Activities

Revised: November 2017

Substance Abuse Prevention Policies for Students

The University of Nevada, Reno complies with the "Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act", joining other colleges and universities across the nation in encouraging the elimination of drugs, including alcohol. The abuse of alcohol or any drug by students constitutes a grave threat to their physical and mental well-being and significantly impedes the process of learning and personal development.


For students on the university campus, alcoholic beverages may not be possessed or consumed on university property unless the students are participating in a sanctioned event where alcohol has been approved. In these cases, the sponsoring student organization will make a request at least 10 working days in advance of their event to serve alcoholic beverages. When all participants attending an event are 21 years of age or older, student organizations are eligible to make a request to serve alcoholic beverages. See section 5,313 for additional information.

For students living in campus residence halls, the following regulations apply:

  1. Possession (internal and external) or consumption of alcoholic beverages in and around the residence halls is permitted only by individuals 21 years of age or older, in student rooms, with doors closed, and no minors present. If anyone in the room is under 21, then everyone present is in violation of policy, regardless of who has or has not been drinking.
  2. Alcohol may not be kept in room or suite areas, including refrigerators, if any room resident or suite member is under 21. Individuals who are not residents may not bring alcoholic beverages into the hall regardless of their age.
  3. Common Areas - Open or unconcealed containers of alcohol are not permitted in common areas such as entrances, hallways, lounges, or on adjacent grounds.
  4. Excessive quantities of alcohol are not permitted in the residence halls at any time, including brewing kits.

Except as provided above, the storage, possession, or use of alcoholic beverages shall not be permitted on university owned or supervised property, including university supervised housing, apartments, or residence halls.

Individuals believed to be intoxicated will have their alcoholic beverage confiscated and will not be served any additional alcoholic beverages.

The President, or his designee, has the authority to designate the time and place for special events where alcoholic beverages may be served on the university campus or at university recognized living groups.


Regulations regarding student conduct and disciplinary procedures are contained in the Student Code of Conduct for the University of Nevada, Reno, available in the Office of Student Conduct and on the web. Questions may be directed to the Director of Student Conduct, who serves as administrative officer in cases regarding student discipline.

Associated Students of UNR

All undergraduate students are members of the Associated Students of the University of Nevada (ASUN). The association is governed by elected student officers and the senate which is composed of elected representatives from all academic colleges. ASUN committees and boards are responsible for the extracurricular programs. Members of the Student Services staff serve as advisers to ASUN officers.

Fraternities and Sororities

Chapters of national fraternities and sororities have been established at the University, including multicultural Greek organizations. . University regulations apply to these groups. For the chapters that offer housing, all residents must be currently enrolled students who are affiliated with the fraternity or sorority in whose house they reside.

University-Recognized Organizations

Permission to use university facilities is granted to university-recognized organizations. Student groups apply for recognition through the ASUN Senate. Applications are available in the ASUN office.

Role of Faculty or Staff Adviser of a University Recognized Organization

The faculty or staff adviser of a university-recognized organization serves as the university's representative to that organization. The adviser should be aware of university regulations and policies involving recognized organizations, especially those regarding use of university facilities, alcoholic beverages, use of university vehicles, official university travel, and environmental, health, and safety regulations. An ASUN representative is available to help interpret and understand university and ASUN regulations.

Identification Cards (WolfCard)

A valid student photo I.D. card (WolfCard) is required to use most university services (e.g., checking out materials in the Knowledge Center, access to Lombardi Fitness Center, meals in the dining café, or purchases made on campus with WolfBucks). The combination WolfCard/Prox card is a key or building door access card. WolfCards and Prox cards are issued at the WolfCard Office in the Joe Crowley Student Union.

The New Student Fee, paid for by full-time degree seeking students, includes the cost of a first WolfCard for each new student. For all other students there is a nominal fee for the first card. Replacement WolfCards and Prox cards are available for a nominal fee.

Additional card program details can be found at the WolfCard webpage.