There are 8 money machines on campus to add WolfBucks. All 8 machines accept cash.  The machines on the 1st floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union (JOE) and 1st and 2nd floors of the Knowledge Center (KC) also accept credit card deposits.

Your WolfCard is your campus photo identification card. It is used to access many on-campus services including meal swipes, campus purchases, access to the Recreation Center, checking out materials in the Mathewson-IGT Knowledge Center, libraries, and other services. You can also link your WolfCard to a Wells Fargo Checking account for optional banking convenience. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Member FDIC.

Preferred name: WolfCard ID cards are printed with the preferred first and last name on the front of the WolfCard and the legal name on the back of the card. Cards will still be printed with legal name on the front of the card by default. As customary, the WolfCard office will charge the customer $15 for a replacement card. If the customer has not changed their preferred name in MyNevada/Peoplesoft, the WolfCard office will instruct them to take care of that first either online or in Admissions and Records for students and return to get a new WolfCard the next day. Once changes have been made in Workday or MyNevada/Peoplesoft, the WolfCard office will receive the updated information 24 hours later and can make a new card at that time. Questions can be directed to WolfCard Manager Penny Leathley at 775-784-4001, or at leathley@unr.edu.

Do not carry your WolfCard in your phone pocket!  You will invalidate the mag (black) stripe on the back of your card.  If that happens you will have to pay for a replacement card at a charge of $15.00.

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