Students at orientation

New Student Orientation: Welcome to the Pack!

The Orientation program is designed to ease your transition to college life. It is where you will meet with academic representatives to discuss class schedules, learn about student resources, and talk with current students who have been through the transition process.

Orientations are offered twice a year, in January for students starting in the spring term, and in the summer for students starting in the fall term.

Summer Orientation

Students beginning in the fall semester (August) may chose to attend either single day or overnight programs scheduled through June and July. Students may choose between First Year or Transfer student programs depending on their admission status. 

Space is limited in each session and you should register as soon as possible. DO NOT make travel arrangements before your registration is complete and confirmed.

Our program focuses on four main co-curricular themes. 

  • Health & Safety:  This is a new environment, and we know that all students need to know about the resources for a successful, healthy, safe transition.
  • Mental Wellness:  Students continue to place high pressure on themselves for success at the University.  We will talk about this, and ways to manage this pressure.
  • Identity & Respect:  The University of Nevada is an inclusive environment, with many different identities.  The University is also a respectful environment.  Orientation is the time when we introduce the balance of inclusiveness and respect that we strive to achieve every day.
  • Alma Mater & Community:  Throughout Orientation, we discuss what it means to be a member of the Pack.  Our community, our University, our commitment.

Visit the appropriate section below to learn more about orientation including dates, programming and the registration process.

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