Programs and Services

Programs reporting to the Research & Innovation are available for support and direction.

Animal ResourcesEnterprise & InnovationEnvironmental Health & SafetyThe Innevation CenterNevada Center for Applied ResearchNevada Industry ExcellenceResearch IntegritySponsored ProjectsUndergraduate Research

Animal Resources

We oversee veterinary care, direct animal care and administer protocol review across the campus and University facilities and research centers. We collaborate with investigative teams to optimize animal welfare and provide the best possible study results and ensure humane treatment of animals used for teaching.
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Enterprise & Innovation

We enable faculty members to begin spinout companies based on their research and seek entrepreneurial partners in the private sector. We help researchers protect their work, provide access to available technologies and assist in business ventures by building integrated support teams with business, research and industry expertise.
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Environmental Health & Safety

We offer guidance and services to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the University community and to comply with University standards and applicable regulations. We also work to continuously improve the sustainability of our campus through environmental planning and management.
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The Innevation Center

We are designed to empower Nevada’s next generation of economic leaders by igniting the creative and entrepreneurial spirits in University of Nevada, Reno students, faculty, community creatives, makers, economic developers, and emerging global tech companies.
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Nevada Center for Applied Research

We aim to spur an environment of innovation and ideas by supporting faculty, students and local industry to further their entrepreneurial pursuits and enhancing the global competitiveness of Nevada industry by leveraging the physical and intellectual assets of the University of Nevada, Reno.
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Nevada Industry Excellence

We serve as the NSHE Industrial Extension Program, working to expand economic growth statewide. We work directly with small to mid-size Nevada companies to strengthen their global competitiveness by providing information, decision support and implementation assistance in adopting new, more advanced technologies, techniques and best business practices.
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Research Integrity

We offer faculty and students resources for conducting scientifically and ethically sound research projects, tools to avoid plagiarism and academic misconduct and we oversee compliance with ethical and regulatory requirements for human research protection. We provide our University researchers the support to ensure that programs meet the rigorous standards for quality and protection.
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Sponsored Projects

We provide administration services, systems, policies and processes for research and program development and management. We will support you in identifying funding opportunities, mentor you in grant and contract preparation and budgeting, maintain your project records and provide training for program compliance, along with many other services.
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Undergraduate Research

We focus on providing undergraduates with the opportunity for meaningful, hands-on research experiences. Our goals are to promote, support and publicize undergraduate research. We offer resources for research scholarship and recognition and we establish mentoring relationships with faculty.
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