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Thomas Quint



Thomas Quint received his Ph.D. in operations research from Stanford University in 1987, writing his dissertation under the direction of Professor Kenneth Arrow. He has taught at UCLA, Universidad Nacional de San Luis in Argentina, the US Naval Academy, and Yale University, in addition to his current position as Professor of Mathematics at the University of Nevada, Reno. His research interests include game theory, mathematical economics, and graph theory. He is an author of over 30 research journal articles, plus two books.

Research interests

  • Game Theory
  • Graph Theory
  • Mathematical Economics

Courses taught

  • MATH 126: PreCalculus I
  • MATH 181: Calculus I
  • MATH 182: Calculus II
  • MATH 283: Calculus III
  • MATH 330: Linear Algebra
  • MATH 485/685: Graph Theory and Combinatorics
  • MATH 486/686: Game Theory
  • MATH 487/687: Deterministic Operations Research
  • MATH 751: Operations Research I - Linear Programming and Extensions
  • MATH 752: Operations Research II - Stochastic Operations Research
  • MATH 786: Cooperative Game Theory


  • Ph.D. in Operations Research, Stanford University, 1987
  • M.S. in Operations Research, Stanford University, 1984
  • B.S. in Applied Mathematics, Harvard University, 1980