Facilities Moving Crew

The Moving Crew focuses on moving of office furniture and delivering tables and chairs for campus events. We also dispose of and recycle old furniture as directed by Surplus Property and supervision, deliver large shipments from Central Receiving and assist the Facilities Maintenance Services teams in hauling away debris from work sites.

  • Refrigerator disposal

    To dispose of a University owned refrigerator that was purchased using University funds, please fill out the Refrigerator Disposal form. Otherwise, disposal of personally owned refrigerators is the responsibility of the owner.

  • Requesting tables and chairs

    On a first-come first-served basis, Facilities Operations has 6' tables, brown folding chairs and blue with chrome frame chairs for University use. These items will be dropped off and picked up only. Set-up is not provided.

    If you are planning an University event:

    • Submit a work order request and include attention movers and the drop off location, date, contact person, time of event and pick up date and time.
    • Location, sprinklers, and electrical needs should be considered in scheduling an event.
    • Facilities Moving Crew requires at least 10 working days advanced notification so they may schedule accordingly.
    • Contact Scheduling Services at (775) 784-6837 to reserve location of event.
  • Office moves and guidelines
    • Submit a work order request and include ATTN MOVERS.
    • Make sure to include all items being moved (e.g., 20 boxes, 3 desks with typing arms, 3 chair pads, etc.) so movers can schedule accordingly.
    • Offices with modular furnishings and partitions will require Facilities Carpenters assistance.
    • Upon receipt of work order, the Moving Department will call and schedule a date and time that is convenient for both parties for the move.
    • Due to budget restrictions and reduction in staff, timeframes are longer than usual. Please be patient and flexible in scheduling your move.
    • Have everything ready prior to mover arrival or they may have to reschedule.
    • Relocation of phones, contact Telephone and Voice Mail Services at (775) 682-5000.
    • Relocation of fax machines and copy machines, contact the Copier Program at (775) 784-4620.
    • Refer to Office Moves and Flooring Covering General Guidelines (See below).

    Office move guidelines

    • Computers must be moved by the department requesting the move or by contacting Information Information Technology Help Desk at (775) 682-5000. All computers must be moved prior to mover's arrival.
    • Draw furniture layouts and tape layouts to doors so movers can move the furniture back.
    • Boxes must be closed and sealed.
    • Mark all boxes, furniture, etc. with room number. (e.g,. room 202 - Mary. This information should be placed on all desks, chairs, and all furnishings and boxes)
    • Standard file cabinets do not need to be emptied.
    • Lateral file cabinets must emptied prior to move.
    • Bookcases and storage cabinets must be emptied prior to move.
    • Desks must be emptied prior to move.
    • The Moving Crew is not responsible for particle board furniture. (this type of furniture does not move well and tends to fall apart)
    • The Moving Crew does not move plants, pictures, or personal belongings.
    • The Moving Crew does not move copy machines. (Contact the Campus Copier Program at (775) 784-4620.
    • If room is scheduled to be painted, remove all pictures and mounted shelves (unless permanent) from walls.
    • Refrigerators must be emptied prior to move.
    • It is the office's responsibility for large office moves that may require rental trucks to be used.
    • The Moving Crew does not supply boxes.
  • Lab moves and guidelines
    • Submit work order request: ATTN MOVERS
    • Make sure all items being moved in the work order. This lets the Moving Department know how long to schedule the move. Fume hood should have a document on letter head from the department stating the fume hood has been thoroughly cleaned by a lab representative.
    • The Moving Department personnel can only move chemicals that are in original packaging from the manufacturer. For loose chemicals, please contact Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) at (775) 327-5040.
    • All glass needs to be packed and marked clearly FRAGILE GLASS on boxes.
    • Gas cylinders need to be moved by vendors.
    • Refer to Office Moves guidelines above.

Questions about moving?

Call the Service Center: (775) 784-8020 or submit a work request.